Senator Bob Menendez Urged to Resign in Viral Movie Trailer

bob menendez

Embattled U.S. Senator Bob Menendez is hearing renewed calls for his resignation, but this time it’s coming with big laughs … courtesy of a satirical movie trailer-inspired message.

The 2-minute clip uses cinematic voice-over calling out Menendez for his long list of alleged grievances — federal corruption and bribery, to name a couple — and also mixes in scenes from the 1991 comedy, “What About Bob?”

The result is hilarious clips of Richard Dreyfuss complaining about Bob … hammering home New Jersey’s frustrations with the fact the Senator won’t step down from office amid the ongoing investigation into his alleged crimes.

The trailer also uses actual footage and soundbites from Menendez and his wife Nadine Arslanian Menendez — including interviews where he’s asked directly, “Don’t you serve your state better by resigning now?”

Of course, the Senator confidently replies nope!

The clip also mockingly refers to him as “Senator Bob Menendez (D-Egypt)” … referring to the fact he’s accused of monopolizing the Egyptian market for importing halal meat. It also calls him out for threatening the Democratic Party’s majority in the Senate.

Bob Menendez

The senator’s enemies are urging folks on X to repost the trailer in order to urge Menendez to resign immediately. Don’t hold your breath for that, however, film reviews are pouring in for the trailer.

One user on X gushed, “Wow! The edit. The voiceover. The script. The music. The whole piece is just brilliant…and btw, True‼️🤷‍♀️”

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