Sharon Stone Says People Climbed On Her Car After 'Basic Instinct'

Sharon Stone says “Basic Instinct” turned her into a sex symbol overnight — and people wanted a piece of her, it seems … ’cause they were crawling all over her whip!

The actress dished to CNN’s Chris Wallace about the impact of that film and how it affected her celebrity at the time. As she says, she went into that weekend as a relative nobody in Hollywood … and emerged as a massive star come Tuesday, after everyone had seen it.

Of course, what she’s referring to specifically is the infamous interrogation scene … where she flashed her vagina on camera, and which undoubtedly went down in cinematic history.

As Wallace rightly notes, that changed her life forever … but little did we know to what extent, until now. Watch — Sharon describes going out to run an errand the week after ‘BI’ was released, and says people were literally leaping at her in the streets of Los Angeles.

Not just at her person though, as SS explains … she claims folks were dogpiling her actual car at stoplights. It got so bad, apparently, that she didn’t know if she should drive away!

Now, this is far from the first time Sharon’s talked “Basic Instinct” — which she’s publicly said she had mixed feelings about. At the time, she says she felt duped into the vagina moment … allegedly having been reassured by the crew/producers that they couldn’t see anything.

Bad or good … her performance as Catherine Tramell certainly left a mark on the zeitgeist, even all these years later.

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