‘Star Wars’: Is Daisy Ridley Married to Adam Driver?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker provided the final word in the story of Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). So far, Lucasfilm has only teased — in Lego form, no less — the road ahead for the former. But the latter isn’t due back in the “galaxy far, far away” anytime soon. Still, some Star Wars fans can’t let go of Ridley and Driver’s on-screen chemistry. Does it carry over into real life?

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ ended Rey and Kylo Ren’s stories

In the end, the Star Wars sequel trilogy — which began with 2015’s The Force Awakens — boiled down to Rey and Kylo’s story. One was a scavenger born from darkness who turned to the light. The other was the descendant of heroes who embraced his inner darkness. By the time they met their respective fates, Rey and Kylo aka Ben Solo helped (once again) restore balance.

Of course, Ridley recently admitted she might be willing to return as Rey down the line. That’s a bit of a walk back from previous statements in which she seemed ready to leave Star Wars behind her. However, Driver is much more likely to be officially finished. After all, the Oscar-nominated star stays plenty busy, meaning there’s little chance of a “Reylo” reunion.

Is Daisy Ridley married to Adam Driver?

Since Star Wars: The Force Awakens, some fans have been “shipping” for Rey and Kylo Ren — i.e., “Reylo” — to end up together. And while that didn’t happen in The Rise of Skywalker, the characters did share a kiss after all the lightsaber battles were over and done with. Alas, any fans hoping that spark would translate into Ridley and Driver’s lives are out of luck.

In fact, Driver has been married to longtime partner Joanne Tucker since 2013. The couple lives in New York with their son together. Driver — who earned Oscar nods for BlackKklansman and Marriage Story — is famously private. The actor doesn’t even like to watch or listen to his own work. In 2019, Driver walked out of an interview during a Marriage Story clip.

As for Ridley, the Star Wars actor has been in a long-term relationship with Tom Bateman since 2017. The two met on the set of Murder on the Orient Express, in which Bateman and Ridley were both among the ensemble cast. Ridley currently stars opposite Marvel star Tom Holland in the sci-fi action adventure Chaos Walking.

Does Daisy Ridley ship ‘Reylo’?

As much as some fans still cling to “Reylo,” the notion of a romantic connection between the characters has always been controversial. After all, their relationship in the Star Wars sequel trilogy is marked by violence and manipulation, hardly the earmarks of a healthy relationship. Even Ridley didn’t buy into a romantic future for Rey and Kylo.

“I don’t know how I feel about it because everyone is talking about the toxic thing of the relationship, it’s essentially emotional … it’s a tricky road,” Ridley said at Star Wars Celebration in 2019 (via TheMarySue.com). I do feel like deep down Kylo feels like what he is doing is right… but he’s also killed so many people. So I can’t really get behind it, no.”

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