The Marriage or Mortgage<\/em> Experts Are Here to Remind You That Weddings Are Really, Really Expensive

So…Netflix has sucked you in with yet another reality show offering to get you by on lockdown. This time, the stakes are high. We mean really high. Marriage or Mortgage is House Hunters-meets-My Fair Wedding, each episode following one couple’s decision between a wedding…and buying an actual house. Surely, the choice shouldn’t be that hard, but if you’ve gotten far enough in the series by now, you know at least some couples are willing to sacrifice their dream homes for a night they won’t forget.

Call us cynics, but we say take the home! In any case, two people are the backbone of the show, Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes, who battle it out to give these couples the best wedding venues and real estate options. Here’s everything we know about Marriage or Mortgage’s hosts.

Who is Sarah Miller?

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The resident wedding planner on Marriage or Mortgage is the founder of Southern Vine & Company, a Nashville-based interior design and event planning company which specializes in “southern flair.” Her Instagram (see above) is a pretty curated compilation of weddings, home interiors, and family photos. She’s been married for over a decade and has two kids. In an interview with PureWow, Miller says the idea for the show was brought to her by a production company.

Who is Nichole Holmes?

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Originally from Marion, Illinois (and a former Miss USA contestant), Holmes is, in fact, a genuine real estate agent at Parks Realty in Nashville. In an interview with, she revealed she’s been married twice. “My first wedding was a very large and extravagant wedding … Well, fast-forward seven years, and I got divorced. And then I was amortizing how much everything cost, and what it cost per year that the marriage lasted, and I was, like, ‘Wow, that really wasn’t a smart financial decision on my part!'” The agent is a top broker in the Nashville area and shares a daughter with her ex-husband.

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