The Most Underrated Country Singer, According To 33% Of People

Who’s the most underrated country music singer right now? It’s a question that’s sure to divide friends and families, as everyone will have their own answer, but now it looks like we have an answer, at least according to a third of country music fans surveyed by The List. Of the five artists in the survey, there was a clear winner, with 32.90% of the vote — over 14% ahead of the artist in second place. As we’re looking at the most underrated country singers, legendary names like Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson of course won’t appear, but you might be surprised by the results.

With 13.39% of the vote, former “The Voice” contestant Morgan Wallen came in at fifth, while at fourth is Maren Morris with 16.30%. Both real rising stars of the country music world, Wallen has been under fire this year for a controversial video, in which he said a racial slur, while Morris was making waves at the ACM Awards back in April along with her husband, fellow musician Ryan Hurd.

Luke Bryan was voted the most underrated country singer

Next up was Kane Brown, with 18.05% of respondents choosing the Chattanooga-born singer, who began to make it big on social media during the mid-2010s. He was behind the duo Dan + Shay, who were in second place with 19.36% of the votes. The only non-solo artists here, the pair have been making music together since 2013, and released their most-recent album in 2018 (via Rolling Stone).

However, sitting comfortably in first place is Georgia-born country pop artist, Luke Bryan. The 44-year-old has been putting out his own music since 2017, in the last three years juggling his music career with his role as a judge on “American Idol,” alongside Katy Perry and Lionel Richie (via CNN). He’s released seven albums throughout his career, getting plenty of chart success, and is certainly a well-known name, but does he get the recognition he deserves? Apparently not, with over 200 of the 687 surveyed naming him as the most underrated country singer around right now. Perhaps it’s time to give his latest album, 2020’s “Born Here Live Here Die Here,” another listen?

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