The Truth About Too Hot To Handle’s Kayla Jean

“Too Hot To Handle” is a dating show that’s currently streaming on Netflix. The premise of the show is a little odd, even for reality TV, where the host – a virtual assistant named Lana – tells a group of young people they’re going on a four-week-long vacation. When they arrive, they find out there’s a challenge: if they can go four weeks without any sexual contact (including kissing), they’ll win $100,000. The catch, of course, is that they don’t get $100,000 each. At the end of Season 1, ten winners ended up splitting a $75,000 award. 

Season 2 will be released on June 23, 2021, and that means there’s a brand new cast to get to know. Unlike many Netflix series, which release all the episodes of a show at once for your binging pleasure, new episodes of Too Hot To Handle will be released in stages. Brandon Riegg, the unscripted series chief for Netflix, believes that Season 2 will be a show stopper for sure. He explained to Deadline, “We can’t wait for our members to see what’s in store in their second seasons. We’ve added new twists and surprises to keep the games fresh — and all new players that we think fans will love rooting for.

One cast member people are keeping an eye on is Kayla Jean Carter, a 26-year-old from Florida.

Kayla is ready for the Too Hot To Handle challenge

According to a bio released to People, Kayla Jean Carter is a bartender and model who hails from Florida. People claims that “she loves a bad boy and has never been rejected,” which already sets up Carter’s story to be one that’s almost guaranteed to be dramatic. 

Carter also has one of the largest Instagram followings of the whole group, with a whopping 25,000 followers (and counting!). While she hasn’t shared anything from the show itself yet, it’s safe to assume that once episodes begin dropping on Netflix, she will likely offer up a few behind-the-scenes takes of the drama as it unfolds.

The contestant also brings a bit of diversity to the table, as her Instagram profile states that she is Filipina-American. While it’s obviously too early to know if Carter is among the final contestants who will take home part of that $100,000 prize, it’s definitely not too early to begin rooting for her. 

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