There’s yet another Ted Bundy biopic coming, with Chad Michael Murray

Oh yippee, there is gonna be another Ted Bundy biopic coming soon. We just got one with Zac Efron in 2019 called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. Wikipedia lists six other movies about him, starting with Marc Harmon playing him in 1986′s The Deliberate Stranger. Now Chad Michael Murray has been tapped to play the serial killing mad man in American Boogeyman. The movie is said to be centered around how Bundy supposedly used his “good looks,” charm and seductive nature to get his victims to trust him. I am not sure why Hollywood feels a need to write yet another movie about Ted Bundy but here we are. Many reacted to the news of a new movie focused on Ted and let’s just say they were none too pleased. Below is more on the story from People:

“Murray is so talented and expertly captures Bundy’s charm and seductive nature, traits that the notorious killer exploited to win the trust of his victims as well as society,” Jonathan Deckter, president and COO of the film’s production company, Voltage Pictures, said in a statement.

“It’s fantastic to continue working with the very gifted Lucas [Jarach] and Dan [Farrands] on this feature and bring engaging narratives to the screen,” Deckter added. Both Jarach and Farrands were also producers on 2019′s The Haunting of Sharon Tate, starring Hilary Duff.

Since the news broke, many Twitter users have shared their disdain that yet another Bundy biopic is in the works.

“Ted Bundy wasn’t hot, also he didnt trick women by being hot, he targeted nice women, pretended to be injured and then when they helped him he killed them,” one social media user wrote, while a second wrote, “Do we *really* need another movie on Ted Bundy? Like really?”

“The ONLY Ted Bundy adjacent movie I am interested in is one which respectfully tells the life stories of these women and girls, humanizing them, portraying them as real people who lived & loved, rather than simply victims,” added another. “And ONLY if their families give permission.”

[From People]

I am so tired of Hollywood’s obsession with this dude. (In my Miranda Priestly voice) Do we NEED any more Ted Bundy films? Is it so hard to ask that we stop making Ted Bundy films? I didn’t think so. I agree with Twitter, Ted Bundy was not attractive and he wasn’t some genius. He was just a sociopath who targeted unsuspecting women. He knew that it is innate for women to want to assist people hurt or injured. To me he was an opportunistic parasite. So whatever. One of my Twitter buddies made me laugh so hard because she got blocked for calling Ted fugly on a woman’s post who was worshipping Ted’s “good looks.” I don’t get why folks are obsessed with this dude. Like a poster said, there are plenty of hot, eligible men who are not serial killers.

I personally would like to see Hollywood focus on the victims of Ted, they are the ones whose lives were snatched from their families and friends. Ted does not need rock star worship for his vile deeds. I am hoping that American Boogeyman will be the last damn movie about Ted Bundy. All of these Ted biopics are starting to feel like cheap knockoffs of a franchise that was once popular. Also, I must say this part out loud – aren’t there other serial killers to can write movies and shows about? I am over the glorification of the victimization of women.

Lin Shaye and Holland Roden co-star.


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