This Is What Really Happened When Bekah Martinez Was Reported Missing On The Bachelor

A lot of unbelievable stories and a lot of controversies have come from “The Bachelor” franchise. From shocking proposals and splits to arguments behind the scenes, the show has had it all. However, few stories are as outlandish as when Bekah Martinez was reported missing while appearing on “The Bachelor.” She finally told her story in full, and it’s one with many twists and turns. Speaking to her Instagram followers, Martinez explained that she hasn’t told the full tale before because it’s “long and confusing.”

Martinez was on Season 22 of “The Bachelor,” when race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. was looking for love. Martinez wasn’t without controversy — her young age, especially in comparison to the 36-year-old Luyendyk, was a large component of her time on the show. But apparently, far more was going on behind the scenes. On her Instagram stories on May 4, 2021, Martinez finally told her followers about the time she went missing for 24 hours (via Yahoo! Entertainment). After her time filming had come to a close, Martinez explained that she was “broke” and decided to take up a job on a marijuana farm in Humboldt County. Due to poor reception, Martinez explained that she’d been using another girl’s phone to stay in touch with her parents.

However, when this girl was asked to leave the farm and Martinez refused to go, the two had a falling out. Upon leaving, the unnamed girl messaged Martinez’s parents to say she was “being held hostage [with] meth heads with knives and then stopped replying.” While Martinez described the farm as “sketchy,” she said the message was far from the truth.

Bekah Martinez wasn't technically missing, but the story blew up anyway

E! News explained that the night before Bekah Martinez decided to leave the farm to get better phone service, her parents filed a missing persons report with the Humboldt County Sheriff. She said that after getting hold of her parents, she “got an earful.” The family got in touch with the county sheriff’s office to have her name removed from the missing persons list, but could only reach their voicemail. After trying a few times, they assumed she’d be taken off the list.

Skip forward a few months and Martinez’s season of “The Bachelor” hit the airwaves. By total coincidence, an article ran at the same time regarding the high number of missing people in Humboldt County. Fans spotted Martinez’s picture in the report, which of course, resulted in a ton of confusion. She said that some people completely misunderstood the situation, explaining that some fans of the show thought she’d “lied to my mom and told her I was on a weed farm when I was really on ‘The Bachelor.'”

The story gained so much traction that Martinez ended up speaking to Jimmy Kimmel about the incident in February of 2018, and then again on her social media page in 2021. She ended her Instagram stories with an apology to her parents, who “had to endure that horrible 24 hours.” She then clarified, “I definitely never talked to that girl again.”

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