‘Virtue-signalling twerp!’ Dan Walker blasted by Piers as feud reignited after Meghan post

Piers Morgan ‘remains a great friend’ says Susanna Reid

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Piers Morgan, 56, branded the Tokyo Olympics 2020 “Covid-ravaged” and claimed “nobody cares” about the event or bronze medals. Gary Lineker was one of the first to disagree with the presenter, which seemingly prompted others to share their thoughts too.

“I don’t think Silver and Bronze medals are shameful, but no real champion would ever feel comfortable having one in their trophy cabinet,” Piers said in response to Gary.

Pointless host Richard Osman joined in with the thread of tweets, adding: “To be fair he was in second place in the breakfast ratings for years. I mean, in a field of two, but it’s still a silver medal.”

It was then that Dan Walker chimed in: “Don’t forget Paw Patrol & Everybody Loves Raymond.”

In response to Richard, Piers hit back: “And then we came 1st, and I left. I believe they call that ‘TV Gold’.”

The journalist was referring to his time on Good Morning Britain, the rival to BBC Breakfast.

In a further swipe, Dan brought up the time the host stormed off set in a debate about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

He left the ITV show after sparking over 57,000 Ofcom complaints when he ranted that he didn’t believe a word she said during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

As part of their lengthy chat, the Duchess of Sussex said she felt suicidal and claimed an unnamed member of the family had “concerns” about the colour of their son Archie’s skin.

Dan swiped: “You stormed off set when lanced by your own colleagues.

“They challenged you because you claimed a woman – who said she had suicidal thoughts – was lying.

“Of course everyone watched but to claim that as a victory? Really? What a strange hill to die on.”

Piers hit back: “Hi Saint Daniel, I called out Meghan Markle’s disingenuous b*****t, just as I did when Govt ministers spewed it.

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“It’s called ‘journalism’ – you should try it sometime, then you wouldn’t keep losing jobs like Football Focus for being such a tedious virtue-signalling twerp!”

The BBC Breakfast star quit his role on Football Focus after 12 years back in April to focus on other work commitments.

He is yet to respond to Piers’ tweet, but fans flocked to his post to share their thoughts.

One commented: “It strikes me as an unnecessary Twitter spat to have, Dan.”

A second added: “@piersmorgan give it a rest, both of you, it’s like a couple of kids squabbling in a playground.”

A third penned: “I’m surprised that he hasn’t ‘Blocked’ you yet!!”

“It strikes me as an unnecessary Twitter spat to have, Dan,” a fourth commented.

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