Who Is Joshua Basset’s "Only A Matter Of Time" About? The Answer Will Surprise You

Joshua Bassett’s name has been on fans’ lips a lot in 2021, and not just because of all that "Drivers License" drama between him and Olivia Rodrigo. He’s been releasing new music left and right, and his latest track is something fans can instantly relate to. After seeing the lyrics, fans will probably wonder who Joshua Bassett’s "Only A Matter Of Time" is about, and the answer may come as a surprise.

Bassett released "Only A Matter Of Time" on Jan. 28, and it coincided with a poignant music video where he was seen standing solo on a set of train tracks. While, at first, it might seem like the song was written about a past relationship, Bassett revealed it was actually penned about the hate he’s gotten on social media.

"I wrote this song in the summer of 2020 in a moment in time where social media was bringing a lot of darkness to my life," he said in a press release. "It was healing to put my phone down, turn off the noise and just write. There’s good that comes from social media, but it’s also become a place where people can say anything about anyone, no matter how false or damaging with no accountability."

Bassett said he hopes the song will inspire fans to be kinder to each other on the internet. "We’ve gotta be much kinder to each other and recognize there are real people behind the screens!"

You can listen to Bassett’s "Only A Matter Of Time" below.

If Bassett hadn’t revealed the true meaning behind "Only A Matter Of Time," fans probably would have presumed it was written about Rodrigo. Her Jan. 8 song "Drivers License" appeared to take aim at Bassett’s rumored new relationship with Sabrina Carpenter, and his latest single takes aim at someone from his past "lying" about him.

"Time to make it right / So why are you still saying I’m wrong? // It’s only a matter of time to set it straight / Time to tell the world That you’ve been lying on my name / Doing what you want and think you’re gonna get away," he sings on one verse.

Bassett’s new song arrived two weeks after his song "Lie Lie Lie," which was also speculated to be written about Rodrigo. Whether there’s some thread of his new music that’s inspired by Rodrigo or not, one thing’s for sure: Bassett doesn’t mind injecting his personal life into his tunes.

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