Are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's horoscope signs compatible in Chinese astrology?

KHLOE Kardashian and baby daddy Tristan Thompson have had a tumultuous relationship since they first went public with their love back in 2016.

In the Chinese zodiac, Khloe is a Cancer Wood Rat while Tristan is a Pisces Metal Goat but how does their horoscope determine their compatibility?

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Khloe Kardashian: Cancer Wood Rat

Chinese zodiac signs identify birth years with certain animals including the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Rooster, the Dog and the Pig.

Similarly, in Western zodiac there are 12 signs determined by birth months, which include Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo.

The Wood Rat applies to those born in 1924 and 1984, and the Western sign Cancer applies to those born between June and July.

Khloe Kardashian is a Cancer Wood Rat, meaning that she was born on June 27, 1984.

The Cancer Wood Rat girl is known to be ambitious, insecure, and very friendly to everyone. 

They have a strong sense of teamwork and seek close ties with those around them.

She'll probably come across as though she absolutely has her life in order – let me assure you that beneath that apparently calm veneer is a girl who worries about everything, everything. 

The irony is she's so adorable she doesn't really need to worry. 

She's a sociable cat and loves the company of others – mainly because it slows the ongoing inner turmoil – is selfless to a fault, which is unusual for a Rat and is, on the whole, gorgeous in every respect. 

You can't really criticize her. She's too sensitive, mind you, and will be easily undermined – because any criticism instantly exacerbates that frustratingly worrisome nature. 

Chinese Zodiac Animals in order

  • ? Rat
  • ? Ox
  • ? Tiger
  • ? Rabbit
  • ? Dragon
  • ? Snake
  • ? Horse
  • ? Goat
  • ? Monkey
  • ? Rooster
  • ? Dog
  • ? Pig 

She needs a soulmate who understands her and reassures her every time she has a "doubting" moment – every minute of every day, effectively. 

With said soulmate, you probably won't find a happier character, without, she can spin out of control, believing her inner anxiousness will become a reality and allowing a fearsome inertia to overwhelm her.

She's beautiful though – and so kind and thoughtful.

Tristan Thompson: Pisces Metal Goat

Tristan Thompson is a Pisces Metal Goat, meaning he was born March 13, 1991.

The Metal Goat is concerned with freedom and independence and seeks stability in their lives.

These boys are so, so, so sensitive, if someone sneezed 50 miles away they'd take it personally – literally. 

Mental, isn't it. The thing is, though, these boys are extraordinarily lovely, they're just incredibly complex and fragile. 

There are 1440 different combinations in combined astrology. 

These boys are ordinarily blessed with such immense creative ability it's an absolute travesty if it isn't tapped into. T

They need to surround themselves with people they trust implicitly, people who understand the complexities of their make-up. 

They may well be quite feisty, or at least emotional because they're so immediately affected by everyone, everything and, well, life itself. 

Beautiful, sensitive, creative, emotional and unutterably gorgeous – doesn't mean they're easy, though.

Are they compatible?

Khloe and Tristan are both water signs meaning that they can be highly emotional and overprotective.

However, if a Pisces is feeling stuck or restricted, they are most likely to want to “escape” from a situation as they wish to live life in their own terms.

They do not seek someone to restrain them, they want to abide by their set of rules and be free in the process.

These two signs will have to try really hard to make their relationship a priority and constantly show effort to keep the flame alive.

Cancers tend to focus on others more than themselves and it can be frustrating when others don’t reciprocate the same behavior.

They retract and feel threatened when their environment is not stable or emotionally safe and that can drive Pisces off the walls.

These two signs are great at working together but their love life may take a few hits, causing strains and bad blood between them.

It is best that they remain friends and keep the peace rather than involve themselves in an amorous fling.

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