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IT'S no secret that celebrities are in a different tax bracket than the rest of us – and this is most evident during the festive season.

Not only do they go all out decking their million-pound mansions, but often spend a fortune on pressies to go under their massive Christmas trees.

However, in a totally different world where money doesn't seem to be an issue for those in showbiz, some famous faces fork out for extremely lavish – and even ridiculous – gifts.

From a massive wheel of cheese to a private jet, here Fabulous take a look at some of the most extra pressies celebs gave forked out for over the years…

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Although the two may be split now, Kim Kardashian and ex-hubby Kanye West, now simply known as Ye, were still a thing in 2013.

Back then, the American rapper, who reportedly has a net worth of almost £320million, treated the mum-of-four to a chic Birkin bag painted by George Condo.

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The £12k hand-painted leather accessory, which Kim then proudly showed off on her Instagram, featured three naked bodies, one of whom had a green Shrek-like face.

Blake Lively & hubby Ryan Reynolds

Blake, 36, and Ryan, 47, are the ultimate couple goals for many romantics across the world, with their adorable and cheeky antics leaving many in hysterics.

It's no surprise then that Blake, a mum to four kids, placed a felt Deadpool doll under the Christmas tree in 2015.

Luckily though, it seems that Ryan found it rather amusing, taking to social media to share this pressie with his followers.

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''Mrs @blakelively had this made by AdoraWools. Nothing says "I love you" like a felt #Deadpool, holding a chimichanga while riding a Unicorn dressed in a**-less leather chaps. Amaright fellas?''

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Before the two movie stars called it quits in a ''toxic'' and messy divorce in 2021, they'd shower one another in gifts.

But before things went horribly wrong, Angelina decided to surprise her now-ex with a rather unusual Christmas gift – his very own waterfall in California in 2012.

The Guardian reported the move came after the American actress had moaned to some staff she found it ''so hard'' to buy pressies for Brad – and for some reason, a waterfall seemed like the only reasonable solution.

"Angelina wanted to get him something incredibly special and, because she knows how much he loves architecture, she thought this would be perfect.

Brad has dreamed of a home with the sound of a waterfall cascading under the house,'' a source told Daily Mail.

Kris Jenner & the Kardashian-Jenner clan

With an estimated fortune that exceeds an astronomical £1.6billion, it's no surprise that money is no issue for the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Behind it all, however, is the 'momager' – the only and only Kris Jenner, who the bumper brood treated to a vintage Thunderbird in 2016.

According to Kris, 65, the show-stopped of a red vehicle was her ''dream car'', as she raced to Instagram to post a snap of the chic drive.

''So surprised I seriously have no words for this spectacular gift from my kids……thank you family.''

The lavish vintage car is just one of many vehicles in her vast collection, which also boasts several Mercedes-Benzes, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces – which is no surprise, as motor-mad Kris is often said to get her hands on a new car model before anyone else.

Tyga & Kylie Jenner

Just like her mum, the youngest of the clan, billionaire Kylie Jenner, 26, loves the finest things in life – and we're sure she appreciated the whopper of a diamond ring ex Tyga gifted her in 2015.

The 34-year-old rapper, who dated the influencer and entrepreneur on and off for three years, left a stunning ring under the Christmas tree for his then-girlfriend.

The price tag? A mere £26k.

Unfortunately, it seems that the bling didn't prove enough to make the two last, as their relationship came to an end.

Victoria & David Beckham

Meanwhile, back home, here in the UK, the gifts are just as lavish – and one person who certainly doesn't mind splurging out is the former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham.

The 49-year-old, who reportedly rakes in a staggering £10million a year, is said to have bought her former football legend, David, a very extra Rolls-Royce Phantom in 2005.

The extravagant purchase, one of the many in Becks' car collection, cost the singer and fashionista an astronomical £300k.

Other lavish vehicles that belong to the star include an Aston Martin V8 Vantage worth £150k, a Jaguar F-Type Project 7 that's over £136k, as well McLaren 720S (£245k) – just to name a few.

Justin Bieber – from himself to… himself

In all the Christmas madness and frantically running from one shop to another, it's also important to take time to treat yourself.

But whilst many of us, mere mortals, would book a spa day or simply enjoy a little festive cuppa, popstar Justin Bieber had a slightly different idea in 2014.

The singer, now married to supermodel Hailey Bieber, treated himself to a… private jet.

''Merry Christmas, she's a beauty,'' the 29-year-old uploaded a snap of the lavish pressie that had leather seating and shiny panelling.

Although the former teenage heartthrob never disclosed the value of the luxe jet, TMZ guessed the plane was a G6 – which ''goes for around $60M, give or take a few million''.

"This one seems particularly tricked out, with at least 8 white leather seats, a large couch and a lounge."

Kris Jenner & Stormi

No love compares to that of a grandmother and her granddaughter – and Kris Jenner is sure to go that extra for the youngest tots in her family.

In 2019, the 65-year-old bought the five-year-old a playhouse so big it was basically a mini mansion, The Cut reported.

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The house, Kylie later revealed in a blog posted on YouTube, is big enough to fit a full bed, with ceilings so high it can easily accommodate a fully-grown adult.

The white mansion also boasts wooden flooring and even its very own fridge – all the essentials the toddler, then two, would need.

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