DIY fan discovers her dark and dingy floor is hiding a stunning secret after putting up with it for NINE YEARS

A WOMAN couldn't believe her luck when she came across a hidden gem in her home while renovating.

Blogger, Carly who has been sharing her renovation progress on Instagram via her account @thebusycottage after buying a 1640s fixer upper, was left shocked when she found out her dark and tired looking flooring was actually stunning underneath.

After nine years of not knowing how "special" the original flooring had been, Carly explained that she chose to sand down the dark paint to see what was underneath.

When she did so, it revealed a beautiful light wood underneath, which instantly transformed the entire room.

Sharing a video online of the difference, Carly, who regularly shares her furniture upcycles and renovation tips, revealed: "When you realise after 9 years your dark painted floor has something special underneath…"

She captioned her post: "#flashbackfriday to that time we sanded a patch of the floor to see what it would look like underneath….."

Fellow DIY fans couldn't get over the incredible find and dubbed it the "best before and after".

One person commented: "Brilliant, definitely worth the hard work looks brilliant and so much more inviting and warmer."

Another said: "Oh wow that’s an amazing find! It’s beautiful."

"Beautiful!! what a fabulous discovery," posted a third, while one more person added: "Oh my, what a wonderful floor."

"Such an amazing floor," wrote another. "We have found nothing but more damp as we’ve renovated ours over the last 10yrs not a single gem! (sic)."

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