Dunelm is selling a £13 Oodie dupe – ‘saves on heating bills’

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Wearable blankets have surged in popularity and last December, Google searches for ‘blanket hoodies’ and ‘Oodies’ shot up by 900 percent. A cosy winter warmer that can help minimise heating bills, it’s now become a household staple.

Teddy Oversized Blanket Hoodie

£18 £12.60 View Deal

Dunelm is selling an Oodie dupe for over £50 cheaper online. Slashed down to £12.60 from £18, buy the winter warmer to stay cosy at home without using central heating.

Australian brand Oodie became popular with Brits after MSE fans praised it for its thick cosy fleece, but it’s pricy and adult-sized hoodies normally are priced from £64 up.

While Oodie does offer discounts, shoppers have found an exact dupe for the popular style but for over £50 cheaper.

Dunelm is currently selling the Teddy Oversized Blanket Hoodie and has slashed it down from £18 to just £12.60.

With over 400 glowing reviews from, shoppers have praised it for helping them feel warm during the winter weather.

There are over six colours available and each hoodie is made from super thick and soft fleece so that you’ll feel comfortable wearing it all day and night.

It comes in one large size with a length of 98cm and chest width of 97cm and its oversized fit is suitable for most sizes.

The Teddy Hoodie also makes a great Mother’s Day present, but don’t hesitate to buy it as colours are quickly selling out.

Plus, some sizes are slashed down to just £11.20 so hurry to snatch them up.

Shoppers love using the hoodies to warm them during winter and praise its softness.

Jas said: “When I sit down for long periods, it will completely cover my legs and I will be warm as toast!”

Kitty agreed: “Dries super fast which will be brilliant during winter, I have got all the family one ready to snuggle up in next month and should also save on the heating bills over winter.’

Mrs Bear also added: “So mindful of the high energy prices and cold days ahead I thought I’d give it a try and I have to say they are lovely, so warm so very big, soft and cozy.”

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