Heartfelt Diana letter thanking her friend for having a ‘huge impact’ on her during split from Prince Charles unearthed

HEARTFELT letters written by Princess Diana to her close pals for their support during the time she split with Prince Charles have been unearthed.

One of her most important friendships at the time of her marriage break up was with Lucia Flecha di Lima, the wife of the Brazilian ambassador to the UK.

The Princess of Wales became so close to Lucia that she even had her own room at the South American couple's Mayfair home.

After meeting her for the first time in April 1991 Diana described her new friend as 'a wonderful lady with such depth' who had already had a 'huge impact' in her life.

The three letters, all written by Diana on Kensington Palace headed notepaper, are being sold individually for between £800 to £1,500 on March 18.

They form part of a collection of letters Diana wrote to another close confidant, Roger Bramble, the former Lord High Sheriff of Westminster.

In a second letter Diana wrote of the champagne lunches the three of them used to enjoy together.

She wrote to Roger in May 1992: "What a treat it was for Lucia and I to be taken out to lunch today. 

“Thank you for keeping it just the three of us. My crab went down a treat as did the champagne."

The third letter referenced Princes William and Harry and the historic moment of the future King's first investiture aged 11.

In October 1993 'the boys' had accompanied Diana to lunch at the Festival Hall along with Lucia and Roger who received the Order of the Southern Cross from William.

Diana wrote: "The boys were thrilled to be included in such adult conversation!

"A memory never to be erased was seeing you receive your gong – A first for William and yourself!"

The cache of 30 letters are being sold at auction by a relation of Mr Bramble with David Lay Auctions of Penzance, Cornwall.

Auctioneer Mimi Connell Lay said: "Diana's sense of isolation during her marriage is well documented and she valued enormously her few trusted confidantes.

"One of the most important people in her life was her friend Lucia Flecha di Lima.

"These letters show somebody who really valued her trusted and loyal friends which were clearly very important to her at the time.

"The letters were written to another trusted family friend Roger Bramble, who was instrumental in introducing Diana to Lucia in April 1991."

A relation of Mr Bramble said: "The letters reveal a witty and intelligent hand from an affectionate, well-meaning, cultivated and delightful human being."

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