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RICK Stein has become a household name thanks to his career spanning decades.

The chef is often seen on our screens, but who is he and what's his net worth?

How old is Rick Stein and what's his net worth?

Rick Stein, who was born in Oxfordshire on January 4, 1947, has become one of the nation's favourite celebrity chefs.

The chef's net worth has been estimated at a well-earned $44 million (£32 million) after a long career in the food industry.

When he was a teenager, his father Eric tragically took his own life, after suffering from depression for years.

A distraught Rick quit his hotel management traineeship in London, where he gained his first experience as a chef, and travelled the world from New Zealand to Mexico.

Upon his return, he went to Oxford University, where he earned an English degree, before moving to Padstow.

Rick and his restaurants have now become so synonymous with the seaside Cornish town that it is nicknamed "Padstein".

Initially, he ran a quayside nightclub with a friend, before eventually converting the building into his first eatery, The Seafood Restaurant, in 1975.

Several more restaurants have followed, as well more than 20 cookbooks as a TV career that has now spanned more than 30 years.

His establishments have won multiple awards, while Rick has earned a host of personal accolades, including being recognised with an OBE in 2003.

Stein has been married twice – first to Jill Newstead, with whom he had three children before separating in 2002, and now to Sarah, who has two kids of her own.

Where are Rick Stein's restaurants?

Rick owns four restaurants in Padstow – The Seafood Restaurant, which is now more than 40 years old, St Petroc's Bistro, Rick Stein's Café and Stein's Fish & Chips.

His food empire spreads across Cornwall with another pair of fish and chip shops in Falmouth and Newquay, a pub in St Merryn and another restaurant in the village of Porthleven.

Outside the county, there are eateries bearing the Rick Stein name in Winchester, Poole, Marlborough and Barnes in London.

What TV shows has Rick Stein appeared on?

After starting out on legend Keith Floyd's shows in the mid-1980s, Rick has become a TV star in his own right, even appearing on Who Do You Think You Are? in 2009.

His programmes tend to move away from the kitchen and feature the chef exploring the world and taking in a rich variety of cultures and cuisines.

Rick's show The Road To Mexico was a loose follow-up to 2015's From Venice to Istanbul, and saw him embarking on a culinary road trip from San Francisco to Oaxaca.

He also starred in Rick Stein's Cornwall on BBC, a series where the cook shares his favourite food and drink that the country offers, as well as exploring the art and culture of the region.

Other notable Rick Stein TV series include:

  • Taste of the Sea (1995)
  • Fruits of the Sea (1997)
  • Rick Stein's Seafood Odyssey (1999)
  • Food & Drink (1999)
  • Rick Stein's Seafood Lover's Guide (2000)
  • Rick Stein's Food Heroes (2002)
  • Rick Stein's French Odyssey (2005)
  • Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escape (2007)
  • Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey (2009)
  • Rick Stein's Spain (2011)
  • Rick Stein's India (2013)
  • Rick Stein's Taste of Shanghai (2016)
  • Rick Stein's Long Weekends (2016)
  • Rick Stein's Road to Mexico (2017)
  • Talking Books (2018)
  • Rick Stein's Secret France (2019)
  • Pointless Celebrities (2020)
  • Rick Stein's Cornwall (2021)
  • Rick Stein's Cornwall Series 2 (2022)
  • Rick Stein's Cornwall Series 3 (2023)

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Who is his wife and do they have children?

Rick Stein is married to Australian Sarah Burns, who he met when she was working as a publicist on a book tour he was doing Down Under.

Stein was married to his first wife, Jill Newstead, when he first met Sarah and the pair had a five-year affair before Rick split from Jill in 2007.

Sarah and Rick married in 2011.

Stein has three sons with first wife Jill: Edward, Jack and Charles, who all work on their dad's business.

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