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A BEAUTY fan has shared her honest thoughts on the new SKIMS claw clip that retails for a whopping £24.

In the recent months, claw clips have become all the rage, with thousands ditching hair bobbles for this accessory – and mum-of-four, Kim Kardashian, hasn't slept on this trend either.

To cash in even more, the socialite, 42, has launched a new SKIMS line featuring claw clips.

Available in five colours – black, neon green, blonde, auburn and brunette – these pricey clips also come with SKIMS branded tonal rhinestone detailing on the side.

But are they worth the hefty price tag? Well, one fashion fan, Chelsea (@kovessentials), decided to nab one and put it to test.

Holding the clip, which she had purchased in auburn, Chelsea said it appeared to be of decent quality.

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''It actually does feel pretty durable,'' she noted, adding she wasn't the biggest fan of the logo bedazzled on the product.

To see how it performed, Chelsea then put it in her hair, which she described as long and thick.

But despite changing the hairdo several times, it appeared that the SKIMS claw clip wasn't really keeping the locks secure.

Sadly, despite not being an affordable hair item, the claw clip also wasn't durable – Chelsea twisted and turned it and then heard a crack.

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''I don't know if it's worth $40… But quality hair clip,'' she ended the video review on a positive note.

Although Chelsea, who now runs a claw clip company herself, seemed relatively pleased about the expensive buy, people on social media were hair-rified.

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''the skims clip looks so cheap,'' reckoned one beauty fan.

Another agreed, writing: ''the skims logo looks like my niece glued it on.''

''$40 FOR THAT???'' someone else couldn't get over the price.

''i actually like a lot of skims stuff and think it’s nice quality however i’m surprised they priced a hair clip that high,'' a fourth commented.

It's not just the claw clip that's gone viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons – there's a dress to avoid if you don't wan to be yanking down all day.

One style fan, Lizzie Johnson (@notlizziejohnson3), insisted she really loved the brand – there are about 15 other items in her wardrobe she's obsessed with.

However, as much as Lizzie hated to admit this, their new slip dress and sculpting midi-waist thong made her jump on the so-called de-influencing trend.

Posing with the new items, Lizzie said she loved how the dress looked from the front – but the fit wasn't so flattering from behind.

''From the back, there's this weird like bunching of fabric right above the a**,'' she pointed out in the video.

''I would that it was because my a** is small – but why is it at my back?

''It just doesn't look good and it doesn't fit right, which is very unlike SKIMS.''

To make the pricey purchase even worse, the trendy style fan claimed she wouldn't be able to leave the house in the figure-hugging garment.

''It also rides up so bad […]. I can't even take a step without it riding up all the way past my crotch, I'm not even kidding.''

''For me, it's not practical,'' said Lizzie, adding she's 5'8'' and with an athletic built.

''It just doesn't work for me and my body type.''

Just as unimpressed Lizzie was with Kim K's mid-waist thong that retails for a whopping £34.

According to the fashionista, the undergarment kept rolling down and eagle-eyed viewers could tell she was wearing the tummy-controlling item.

''You cannot tell me that this looks good…

''Even if I did size up, I don't feel like it would've made that much of a difference.

''The way it lays on my body makes me look like a stuffed ham.''

If you're after shapewear for smoothing and sculpting, Lizzie recommended checking out what's available on Amazon.

''It's much comfier and it's way cheaper, so I would rather get that than get a bigger size in this.

''This is no hate to SKIMS – I'm sure these items work on other people.

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''They just don't work for me and my body type.

''If you look similar to me, these are just a couple of things to keep in mind.''

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