I got dress coded at work and was told my outfit was 'pushing it' – I don't get it, I was covered head to toe | The Sun

SHE thought she was completely within her office's dress code rules when she put on a high-neck top and trousers.

But Marie Dee still found herself being berated by the HR department, as she explained in a video on her TikTok page.

Over the clip, which showed her in the snakeskin T-shirt and black trousers, Marie wrote: "HR girl wrote a note that this outfit was 'pushing it' on the weekly report."

She added in the caption: "I'm covered head to toe tho…."

And people in the comments section were overwhelmingly on Marie's side.

"I feel objectified FOR YOU omg," one wrote.

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"The way people think that having curves is unprofessional is so frustrating," another added.

While a third commented: "If I wore that with my A cups they wouldn’t say a word, that makes me mad for you."

"This is extremely modest what are they talking about?" someone else raged.

It's not the first time Marie has been dress coded in her office.

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In fact, previous videos of the ensembles that have seen her sent home led to people speculating that the HR woman was actually jealous of Marie.

And people were commenting the same on the latest video too.

"She’s mad that you’re hot and she’s not," one wrote.

"you look very professional. clearly she's mad you're attractive," another comment read.

"Unfortunately it is jealousy!!!!!!!! ur not alone girl!!!!!" someone else added.

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