I got the best gadget for tanning at Five Below – it helps you see your phone better while you're in the sun | The Sun

WITH summertime well underway, one TikToker has revealed how she stays connected while out in the sunshine.

She shared her affordable gadget from Five Below, which allows her to see her screen while catching some rays.

Ashley LaMarca (@ashleylamarca) filmed herself unboxing the purchase in a video on TikTok.

"I went to Five Below and I got the viral phone umbrella," she said.

She described how the affordable gadget works when the sun's rays could make the screen difficult to see.

"It like shades your phone when you're tanning or in the sun. So, last one in the store all sold out, but the girl had one left," she said of the viral product.

Ashley demonstrated how the umbrella attaches to the phone to create shade in order to see the screen.

"Imagine like laying in the sun and you could see your phone," she said. "Adorable. Five bucks. Go get this right now."

She shared that her unusual find is now a summertime staple.

"Lol I'm never tanning without this," she added in the caption.

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The product is called the Fonebrella, $5, which is currently sold out.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their two cents in the comment section.

"There’s no way you’re going to use this," one wrote.

"I swear to God," Ashley replied.

"LOL I love this," another added, with Ashley responding: "Get it."

"There’s no way hahaha," a third commented.

"I wish I was kidding," Ashley wrote back.

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