I live in an off-grid commune – I don't pay for water or electric, soon I won't need to buy groceries either | The Sun

ONE off-grid commune resident has cut down on her basic bills – to nothing.

The frugal farmer has already started on her goal to live off the land and harvest her own healthy food.

"Do you want to know how I plan on eliminating my grocery bill in the next three years?" asked the money-saving Sophie Kovic (@sophiekovic).

"We're on a floating rock, you know that, right?" a man's dubbed voice said as she showed off her backyard including a wooden patio leading to her own outdoor pool area.

Sophie, who owns two private acres inside a 66-acre community-run and owned farm, explained how her off-grid lifestyle means that she doesn't have to pay for electricity or water.

The coolest part about commune living according to this nature lover? The plethora of produce.

She went picking throughout the land where she showed how "food is flourishing everywhere."

Sophie also explained how the fruit trees – which included lemons and bananas – were planted according to permaculture systems.

"One of the main principles of permaculture is pretty much that it's self-supporting and you really don't need to maintain it," she said.

Many of her followers were big fans of her budgeting goals.

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"Girlie said no to bills. Supporting this," said one such admirer.

"I love this so much. Do you have a spot I can move to?" joked another tiny home tour watcher who was ready to buy into the community.

Chickens were also a part of the self-sustaining plan on the commune where there were eight shareholders who shared the farm – as well as land care and management duties.

She then held up a basket and showed off the fruits of her labor – literally.

In a second video, this happy-seeming harvester revealed the one question people typically asked her in disbelief: "So you're really just going to build a tiny house and live in a commune?"

Still, many more followers of the farmer happened to think she was onto something with her sustainable living.

"I’d love this lifestyle! You are lucky!" said one envious viewer.

"This looks beautiful!" another watcher agreed.

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