I live on a cruise ship and there’s so many secret spaces guests have no idea about – we have a morgue for starters | The Sun

A CRUISE ship entertainer has revealed the hidden spots guests NEVER get to see while on the boat.

Ethan James, a dancer for cruise ships often shares his life working and living on a boat.

We all know just how huge these cruise ships are but there's even more hidden below deck and Ethan was quick to reveal all.

He said: "Here's some fun facts that you probably didn't know about cruise ships."

Cruise ships are usually jam-packed with fun activities to keep you entertained while you're stuck in the middle of the ocean, but there was one very morbid room onboard that isn't often spoken about.

Ethan revealed that there was always a morgue room on the cruise ship and that's not all.


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He also revealed the security team has the power to lock you in your room while on the ship if you misbehave or do something wrong.

And the cruise ship employee revealed that in the case of sinking you would have ours to prepare.

"A ship will take a few hours to sink, it doesn't just sink instantly," he explained.

"My first ship would take four hours to sink," plus, all staff have to have an inspection with the coast guard to make sure they are aware of safety procedures.

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At the bottom of the ship, Ethan revealed workers are able to blow off steam with a secret staff-only bar.

Another perk of working on a cruise is that you often bring family on the cruise for free or for a small sum of money so long as they share your cabin.

There are also plenty of hairdressers on board so that workers can look their best throughout the cruise and get a subsidised price of around £8 ($10).

Plus, Ethan said the staff was also breathalysed and drug tested weekly to ensure they were fit to work.

Lastly, Ethan revealed it was always a good idea to be nice to cruise staff as often they will leave gifts in your room such as chocolate-covered strawberries as a thank you.

The TikTok video posted to his account @ethanjamesx has since gone viral with over 70k views and over 5,000 likes.

People were quick to take to the comments section curious to know more about working on ships.

One person wrote: "Okay but how's the pay though? spoke a lot of workers who told us they got only $20 a day at most!"

Another commented: "Do you get breathalysed when returning to ship after shore leave? I know some do."

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"I know it's not allowed. Do crew push the boundaries and sleep with guests," penned a third.

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