I look 13 and my bloke’s massive – people think I married my dad | The Sun

LOOKING younger than your age is usually a massive compliment.

But one mum has revealed her youthful appearance often means her husband is mistaken for her dad.

US-based Lyn is often inundated with messages on social media asking what her age is.

One person told the blonde beauty: "You look 13."

But Lyn revealed she certainly wasn't.

The 31-year-old replied in a video: "Here's the thing… I was that age 18 years ago, but my middle son is only seven years away from being 13."


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The mum of three is often mistaken for being much younger, so much so that some even think her husband is her dad.

The pair have been together for nine years and only have a three-year age between them, but some still think her husband is actually her dad.

In another clip, she responded to one follower who asked: "In the nicest way possible, have you ever been mistaken for his daughter?"

Lyn and her husband stood in front of the camera dancing, her giant husband towered over her in height.

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"Despite being a responsible adult doing things to stay healthy… yes," the mum responded.

"In the nicest way possible, yes we have been mistaken for father and daughter or having a huge #agegaprelationship but we’re just a regular married couple with a #heightdifference haha," she captioned the post.

Lyn's TikTok account @lynwithoutline has amassed over 23k followers ad over six million likes and fans were quick to comment on her youthful appearance.

One person wrote: "12 YEAR OLD SON?? you look amazing omg I hope I look this good when I have kids."

Another commented: "Summer camp idk how old you are but with a 12 year old son you look great for your age."

"Baby face or good genetics," penned a third.

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