I lost nearly half my hair in 2019 but it grew back thick and long thanks to a free traditional Indian technique | The Sun

A BEAUTY guru has revealed how she was able to restore her voluminous long hair after almost half of it fell out.

She explained that she turned to an Indian hair secret to regrow her hair following substantial loss back in 2019.

Seerat Saini (@seeratsaini_) has garnered over 363,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares fashion and beauty tips.

She took to the social media platform to share how she stopped her hair from shedding and stimulated new growth.

She said: “In 2019 I lost nearly half my hair and I was able to grow it back using these techniques.

“One of them being Ayurvedic hair massages.

"Ancient Indian Ayurveda talks about certain pressure points that when pressed and massaged, cause massive amounts of hair growth.

“The first spot is eight fingers above your brows. It is your center of yogic spiritual healing, so massaging this point helps massively with hair growth.”

Seerat used her fingers to massage the top of her head rigorously as she explained the benefits.  

She said: “And if you have a premature receding hairline or bald patches near your forehead massaging this pressure point helps cure it.

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“The second point is 12 fingers above your brows. Ayurveda calls this the ‘skull spot’ and it’s the highest point on your body.

“Due to gravitational pull it receives the least amount of blood flow so that’s why balding starts at the skull spot.

“The final pressure point lies four fingers above the nape of your neck. It’s crucial to massage if you spend a ton of time in front of the computer.”

Seerat rested her chin on her chest as she massaged the back of her head. 

She said: “Being this high up, the point doesn’t receive as much oxygen and nutrition carried by the bloodstream. 

“Tilting your head makes the blood rush to your scalp, nourishing hair follicles and making them grow.”

Over 1.7 million viewers liked the post and were amazed that she was able to regrow her hair with a tip that doesn’t involve buying expensive products.

One person wrote: “This is so crazy – the first two points are exactly where I have hair loss patches.”

Another commented: “I started doing this like a month ago when I saw the video, and I’m noticing new growth. Thank you for this tip!”

A third chimed in: “Y’all do this and put some rosemary oil on your fingertips before you start.”

A fourth added: “The cheapest beauty tip ever! Thanks.”

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Seerat’s advice comes after a study published by the National Library of Medicine found standardized scalp massages can increase hair thickness.

Researchers noticed participants had visibly thicker hair with no obvious hair loss after receiving four scalp massages per day for 24 weeks. 

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