I married the love of my life then completely changed my appearance to surprise him – but trolls say I’ll regret it | The Sun

A BRIDE has been labelled the “ultimate cool girl” after surprising her new husband with a brand new ‘do. 

The bride’s photographer, Clare, took to her social media to share the transformation, which left everyone at the wedding in shock. 

Sharing a clip of the brunette beauty sitting down in her white gown, she wrote: “When the bride chops her hair right before the reception to surprise her husband and guests…” 

A hairdresser could then be seen using a pair of scissors to cut the long locks off to style it into a shoulder-length bob. 

Her bridesmaids – all dressed in green – could be seen cheering for her on the sidelines as she got her new ‘do. 

In a second video, the photographer shared several pictures of the moment the bride surprised everyone with her new look. 

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She and her husband high-fived before embracing in an intimate hug. 

A blonde woman could then be seen with her jaw wide open in shock before hugging the bride too. 

“Everyone was so shocked and so obsessed!” she said in the caption. 

People were left with divided opinions over the haircut as one person wrote: “What kind of cut is this,” with a side eyes emoji. 

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While another shared: “Glow Down”. 

A third shared: “imagine hating it and having a mental break down at your wedding”.

“The short hair looked aweful and not even styled. Added 10 years,” a fourth claimed, while a fifth added: “She’ll probably regret it”. 

But others fell in love with the new hairstyle as one person said: “your hair looked amazing, like absolutely stunning, the short style is like such a look for you!” followed by two red heart emojis.

“Everything about this is so beautiful!!!! Obsessed,” a second wrote. 

A third said: “Beautiful bride either way but the haircut goes with the dress so perfectly!! Love this memory for her!”

And another wrote: “I should not have watched this cuz all I wanna do is have short hair like that but all I’ve ever know since maybe 4th grade is my long hair”. 

While a fifth added: “You are so brave for doing it at your wedding and it paid off 100% because you were born for this hairstyle!!! soo pretty”.

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