I paid £48k to transform my body including a BBL – trolls say my curves are disgusting but I know I’m too hot to handle | The Sun

A WOMAN has spent £48,000 to get her dream body despite trolls saying she now looks 'disgusting.'

Meagan Starke, a mum-of-two from the US, went under the knife to get a Brazilian butt lift, tummy tuck and liposuction.

The 31-year-old model claims her plastic surgery has tripled her income, but it has come with backlash.

Meagan revealed that she is now 'too hot for people to handle.'

Meagan, from Florida, revealed: ”The surgery has flipped my whole career and tripled my income but it has come with some negative sides too.

"People can't handle my hot curves and a lot of people comment saying that my body is 'disgusting' or my butt is 'too big' – but they are just jealous.


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”I try not to let the comments get to me but when I’m having a bad week, they really can.”

Despite the mean comments, Meagan, who used to be self-conscious of her body,loves her transformation.

She revealed her tummy tuck cost £24,000 ($30,000), liposuction for £8,080 and she also forked out £16,160 for the infamous Brazilian Butt Lift.

Meagan explained: "I got it done in Arizona for $30,000 (around £24,000) and it’s given me the shape I’ve always wanted.

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”I’m obsessed with curves and I’ve wanted a flat stomach since high school.

”I have had a tummy tuck, liposuction and a BBL.

”I had curves before my surgery but enhanced them even more to fit the look I wanted.

“I have no regrets but [having surgery] can really mess with mental health.

“A tummy tuck makes the fat go to different places and you gain weight in other areas.

”For a while afterwards, I experienced worse body dysmorphia and was picking myself apart in my mind.

”I kept thinking that I needed more and more surgery."

Despite initially feeling like she needed more surgery, the mum-of-two is now thrilled with her body.

She added: "But now I love my body and my big butt isn’t just beautiful – it brings in big bucks too.

”Overall I think the surgery was well worth it and boosted my confidence.

”Even though I had surgery myself, I do not think it is for everyone and want people to love themselves the way they are.

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”I celebrate all body shapes and do not like to body shame whether someone is thinner or bigger than the other.

”Some people find that hard to hear coming from me because I've had surgeries but I mean it.”

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