I shed seven stone – cruel blokes say I’m ‘still a 3/10’ & I looked ‘better fat’ as losing weight has made me ‘cocky’

A WOMAN who lost 100lb shared the messages she'd received on social media from men commenting on her weight loss – and it wasn't pretty.

TikToker Hope shed a huge amount of weight through regular intensive exercise, dropping a whopping seven stone.

But it's not been plain sailing since dropping the dress sizes as the influencer has been subjected to vile messages from men.

Hope uploaded a video to her TikTok where she wrote: "Comments I get from men after my 100lb weight loss."

She went on to share several cruel comments including: "She looked better fat, now she's cocky" and "Great, now I can turn on the lights when we do it."

In addition one man had said: "Still a 3/10" and another said: "Some girls are actually hot underneath all that fat."

She had also had messages saying: "Lose about 30lbs more and then you'll be perfect."

Fellow TikTokers were quick to jump in and show support for Hope.

One person said: "You are perfect. Now and then."

Another added: "This is why I struggle with losing weight. I don't want to see that switch in people and all of a sudden have worth in their eyes."

While a third said: "I am chubby and have men hinting to lose weight all the time. It's so sad."

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