I test men’s loyalty for suspicious women – but one was totally unprepared for the outcome and turned into a psycho | The Sun

A YOUNG woman who helps strangers on the internet catch their boyfriends cheating had the shock of her life when one girlfriend turned on her.

Dani Bose, who posts under @danibosey, was left speechless when a “pyscho girlfriend” called her weird and told her to stop messaging her boyfriend… despite asking for it to happen.

The girlfriend approached Dani on Instagram asking her to flirt with her man after getting an inkling he wasn’t being loyal.

Dani agreed to help but things took a turn for the worst when the girlfriend’s worst fears came true and she reacted horribly.

Speaking on Tik Tok, Dani shared the experience of helping the “psycho” girlfriend and how it backfired.

She started the video with: “Okay, it’s been a while since we had one of these ones… but it’s happened again.”

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Dani went on to explain that she should have seen the “red flags” in the girl’s earlier messages, where she told Dani not to fall for her boyfriend when testing him because he is “gorgeous”.

The girlfriend told Dani to be “super flirty and just stick it on him” and “see how tempted he can get”.

Loyalty tester Dani slid into the boyfriend’s DMs and started flirting with him, saying she was from the same area and thought he was attractive.

He shockingly replied: “Don’t get me carried away.”

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Dani narrated: “So, yeah, he’s been a bit of a naughty boy.

“I wouldn’t be best pleased if my boyfriend was saying this.

“Anyway, she [the girlfriend] interrupted me here.

“She went, ‘is he f*****g flirting?’

“So I was like, ‘do you want me to stop here babe?’”

However, the girlfriend was not a fan of Dani calling her “babe” and called the pet name “a bit weird considering you’re sitting there texting my man”.

Dani joked to the camera: “I don’t know whether we got lost in communication, or…

“I mean I’m ill, maybe it was just brain problems.

“So I straight up said, ‘you did ask me to’.

“She was like, ‘yeah, but I didn’t think he would flirt back with someone like you. You’re thick and brunette, I’m skinny and blonde. Ask him his type’.”

The boyfriend’s replies kept getting worse, going on to tell Dani that she was his type and blondes had “never been my thing”.

The girlfriend kept messaging Dani at the same time to call her “weird” for flirting with her boyfriend after she had requested for his loyalty to be tested.

The “psycho” added: “So weird you find this fun doing shit to other people’s relationships.”

However, despite her stressed reaction, the girl kept sending Dani more things to ask her boyfriend, such as if he was single.

The loyalty test concluded with the boyfriend saying he’d never had a relationship and the girlfriend calling Dani embarrassing for messaging him in the first place.

Dani said: “Get in the bin, that hurt my whole soul.

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“Never doing this again.

“I’m coming off Tik Tok, goodbye.”

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