I thought I was happily married until I bought my wife her birthday present – it's how I managed to catch her cheating | The Sun

A HUSBAND has revealed how he was left stunned after catching his wife cheating after giving her a birthday present. 

He explained how the marriage came to an end after discovering his missus was playing away in their own home. 

Taking to an online forum, the anonymous bloke’s friend shared how the situation went down. 

He revealed that the husband bought his wife a Ring doorbell camera and whilst he was out of the house, a “mystery bloke turned up on the front door.” 

Ring Doorbells have a built-in camera that allows you to see a live video feed of what is happening at your front door through an app on your phone.

The doorbell's sensors can also alert you when motion is detected at your front door.



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Writing on the forum site called Illicitencounters, the friend wrote: "Anyone got one of these doorbells?

“Be warned as it's just put an end to my mates marriage. 

“A mystery bloke turned up on the front door and it turned out his missus was playing away.

“It got quite ugly and I can't believe how stupid she was to do it on her own doorstep.

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“I searched about it online and it looks like others have been caught in the act. 

“(Does) Anyone else know anyone who it's happened to? 

“Ring should be banned LOL."

In response, many members of the Illicitencounters.com community shared their own horror stories of getting caught.

Many have explained how they have been with their IE – Illicit Encounter.

IE is a term that people from the specific forum use to describe the person they are having an affair with. 

One wrote: “Can't be as awkward as walking into the hotel with an IE and being greeted by name by your son's school friend who happened to be the Receptionist there!!! 

“I had no choice but to brazen it out, stopping to chat for a few minutes with him before following my IE to the lift!"

Another added: “Not being caught out by a Ring doorbell, but when coming out of a local hotel where myself and another had spent the night. 

“A work colleague, whom I’ve known for years, was on her way into the restaurant. Was particularly awkward moment."

As expected, not everyone was feeling sympathetic to the woman's mishap.

One wrote: “Who in their right mind plays away but does it their own home? Are they mad !!!!!!"

"More fool her for having the disrespect to have an affair using the marital home, that’s a crossing of the line for me and shows contempt towards her husband!"

Another added: "Before I had my ‘doorbell’ there is no way on God's earth that I would invite my IE to my house…it’s my domain so I wouldn’t expect an invite to ‘his ‘ home …I don’t invade the ‘wives’ personal space …Too much risk involved".

A third said: “I bought my wife a Ring Doorbell for her birthday, yes I'm a romantic b****rd.

“Then thought what the fuck have I done. Thankfully she doesn't know one end of a drill from the other, so it's still sitting in the box waiting for me to install it."

Jessica Leoni, Sex & Relationships expert at Illicitencounters.com, commented: "This case is a striking example of modern technology intersecting with the world of infidelity.

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“The Ring doorbell, a device designed to enhance security, is inadvertently becoming a relationship disruptor. 

“It should be common sense not to bring your affair right to your own front door, but emotions can get the best of us, leading to some questionable decisions."

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