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A YOUNG woman explained that she thought she would need surgery to fix her hooded eyes, but instead of going under the knife, she came up with a simple solution. 

Beauty fan Valeriia Veksler, who claims to be ‘the world’s leading beauty expert’, sharing ‘face fitness hacks daily’ online, has taken to social media to demonstrate her facial massage technique.

Thanks to these quick and easy massage tips, Valeriia was able to completely transform her look.

Valeriia shared her ‘hooded eyes complete tutorial’ and said: “When people ask me how I got rid of my hooded eyes – a lot of them think that I got blepharoplasty.

“Like many people, I was prone to getting eye puffiness in the morning.

“I tried to wash my face with cold water and apply patches, but these quote on quote hacks only provided temporary results.

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“Especially if you miss one day, tomorrow, the puffiness will be back.

“Of course, seven years ago, I had no idea what face fitness was.

“And as I was a cosmetic nurse, I thought that hooded eyes were only able to be solved by surgical procedures.

“And only after I started studying about face fitness and completing all the courses, I realised how to tackle hooded eyes through face fitness techniques.

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“My whole face transformed naturally after following all the practices and my hooded eyes are no longer with me.” 

In the clip, we saw Valeriia demonstrate her simple, free massage technique.

She first began at the outer side of her eyes, using both hands to pull the skin upwards, as well as down.

Next, she then used her finger to brush her eyebrows up, going along the brow bone.

After this, we saw the beauty whizz use her knuckle to go along the brow bone. 

As well as this, Valeriia then showed off her next technique – as she put her hands over her eye, towards her forehead and into her hairline, almost like she was pushing her hair back.

Not only this, but Valeriia then used her fingers to press underneath her eyes, tapping from her nose to her cheekbone. 

Thanks to these tips, over time, Valeriia was able to lift the skin on her eyelid. 

Valeriia’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @valeriiaveksler, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly gone viral and has since amassed a staggering 1.9 million views.

Social media users were stunned at Valeriia’s tutorial and many were eager to thank her in the comments. 

One person said: “I don’t have hooded eyes, but these are still great tips! You also have flawless skin!”

Another added: “Thank you for this.” 

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A third commented: “Wow! Love this.” 

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