I’m 5’5” and 150 lbs with 32D boobs, I did a Lululemon haul, the white top felt better than being naked with no bra | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA has sparked a rush to Lululemon after trying on items in an activewear haul.

She gushed about needing every item in the brand’s latest collection after finding styles that were more comfortable than being naked.

Brooke (@brooketarynartistry) boasts over 208,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares outfit inspiration.

The Wisconsin-based influencer is 5”5, weighs 150 pounds, and usually wears a small or medium top with a 32D bra.  She buys jeans in a size 28 and dresses in a size 8.

She took to the social media platform to try on a selection of fashionable items she bought from Lululemon in a size 8/10.

She started the haul by showing each item she would be trying on.

Holding a purple workout set, Brooke said: “First thing we have are these leggings. Look at the color of these.

“These are my favorite leggings from Lululemon I have an embarrassing amount of them. 

“They are like all I wear, I freaking love them.”

Brooke then held up a white cropped T-shirt which she “couldn’t describe the softness” and white pants that matched a sweater she already owned.

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She also shared a “gorgeous” pair of deep pink leggings that came with a coordinating sports bra and a high-neck fleece jacket.

Magenta coord 

Brooke stunned as she tried on the purple sports bra for $48 with matching leggings for $118.

The set is also available in black, green, and white in sizes ranging from 0 to 20.

“This one is a tag ripper,” Brooke said.

“I don’t think I have a pair of purple leggings but these are so gorgeous. 

“I can’t decide if I like the bra or not. I love the back and it’s super comfortable, I just don’t know necessarily how flattering it is. 

“I’m used to wearing something a little bit more low cut.”

Luxe pink set 

Brooke then changed into the pink set which cost the same amount as the previous outfit.

She said: “We have another tag ripper, you guys I love this color.

“It’s such a pretty red, almost like a pinky red.”

She teamed the outfit with the fleeced jacket which cost $168 and is available in sizes ranging from 0 to 14.

Adjusting the jacket, she continued: “How cute is this?

“The colors are kind of throwing me off. You can take the bottom parts down here and cinch it in.”

White two-piece 

Brooke finished the haul by trying on the white cropped T-shirt which cost $58 with white pants for $98.

“Guys. This is like my favorite top,” Brooke said. 

“I am so annoyed right now because I know I’m going to have to get everything from this collection it is so soft.

“It feels better to have this on than to be naked. I’m not wearing a bra right now either.

“Here are the pants I already know and love these pants. 

“I think I’m going to wear them when I travel to New York tomorrow because it’s such a fun outfit.”

Over 8,600 people watched the video and it racked up hundreds of likes.

Commenters were quick to reveal which of the outfits were their favorite and said they would be buying the items themselves.

“Love that purple bra!!” one wrote.

“Ok, that purple is stunning! I definitely agree on getting a different top for the purple set,” another said.

“Been on the fence with dramatic magenta but holy moly, looks amazing on you. Need!” a third added.

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