I’m a bus driver – here’s why I won’t let you on late even if you’re stood at the stop waving | The Sun

A BUS driver has revealed why he can’t let you on the bus late even if you’re stood at the bus stop waving or have ran for your life to get a seat onboard. 

Stephen Parton is a proud bus driver but has lifted the lid on why they can’t let passengers who are running for the bus on right before it takes off. 

He divulged that bus companies can face a fine and lose their licence for that vehicle if the driver reopen the doors after shutting them. 

Stephen, who goes by @fatbusdriver87 online, simply said : "We are not allowed to.”

He has posted a string of videos over the last year giving people an insight into a bus driver’s day at work. 

His route is through Glasgow city centre, but the rule reigns true in other parts of the UK.

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Stephen added: "Quite a lot of people don’t know this. 

“In the town we are under TRC conditions which means they’re enforced by Glasgow City Council, SPT and our own inspectors.

"As soon as we’ve serviced a stop and the doors close we cannot open them again.

"The company faces a fine and can have their bus licence for that vehicle taken off which means it costs them money.

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"And we can get into serious s**t for it into the bargain.

"So it’s nothing to do with the drivers.

"If it’s in the town that’s what it is, if it’s outside the town I can’t say."

The social media star has garnered over 8,000 followers by answering questions people have about bus services.  

Stephen has also shared a snippet of a bus driver handbook that he has, clarifying the strict rules in place for him when behind the big wheel.

The text read: “You must only uplift and set down passengers at bus stops designated for the service you are operating.

“You must not open the doors of the vehicle to allow passengers to board and alight until you are stopped at the stop orphan the entire vehicle is within the bus cage and queueing to get to the stop. 

“You are only allowed to service a bus once before moving off.”

He is also not allowed to wait at any stop for longer than it takes for all of the standing passengers to board the bus.

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A female bus driver quipped in Stephen’s comments: “Once my doors are closed and indicators on, I don’t open again.”

A new bus driver echoed: “We were told once you have committed you can't go back as people will be less likely to let you out.”

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