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CHRISTMAS time can be one of the most stressful times of the year – especially if you're the one who is hosting.

As the season gets in full swing, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

And with a house full of guests and endless entertainment to provide, it can be hard to keep up with all the extra mess and stress.

A recent survey revealed that almost a third of people spend more time cleaning at Christmas than actually enjoying it.

So experts from Oceans have issued their top tips to help ease the load this holiday season.

The team have shared their advice for keeping your home clean and clutter-free while still enjoying all the fun of Christmas Day.

1. Necessities

When it comes to planning for Christmas, stocking up on the necessities is key – according to experts.

They said: "Nobody wants to spend their special day running around looking for batteries, toilet paper and pepper!

"Avoid any unnecessary stress by making sure you are well stocked up on any items you deem essential for a successful day.

"We recommend making a list of the items you need and doing your shopping way in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

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"You can also take advantage of online shopping to make the process easier (i.e to avoid getting into a spat over the last box of AA batteries on the shelf)."

2. Organisation

It can be hard enough when you're the hostess, but being organised ahead of time can make things easier on the big day.

Making sure toy have enough things like chairs, cutlery, and tableware for your guests can cause less stress during the day.

Oceans experts advise: "Having a plan in advance will help ensure your holiday gathering is a success – and your stress levels are kept to a minimum.

"The last thing you want is Aunt Mary eating off the ironing board because the dining table isn’t big enough, and Cousin Patrick using a green spork for his turkey because there are no spare forks."

3. Recycling

It might be something that slips your mind on the run-up to Christmas day – but making sure the bin is empty will make the day run more smoothly.

If you have the space to tidy as you go as people open gifts then it leaves less and a mess to deal with come the end of the night.

Experts added: You must ensure your recycling bins are empty ahead of Christmas Day to guarantee enough room for all the new card and carnage!

"When opening presents, make sure you have multiple bin bags to hand so you can separate your paper, cardboard and plastic straight away.

"We’re not suggesting you take on the role of a human hoover while people are unwrapping their gifts.

"Still be present in the moment while people are opening their presents, just don’t leave yourself with a huge pile of mess at the end."

4. Oven

Before the big day arrives, experts suggest cleaning the oven to make sure it doesn't cause any issues.

If you mix half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of salt and half a cup of water then you can create a super easy cleaning paste that you can spread along the inside of your oven.

Leave it on overnight then wipe it off in the morning and your oven is fresh and ready to cook Christmas dinner to perfection.

5. Fridge

Just like the oven, your fridge plays a big role on Christmas so it's a good idea to make sure it's organised.

Throwing out any out-of-date food and emptying it out can ensure you have plenty of room for everything you need.

It also means you will have plenty of space for extra food like leftover turkey and pigs in blankets.

6. Don't worry

Even though Christmas Day can be hectic, it's also for unwinding and having fun.

Experts have advised that you try not to stress or worry too much about cleaning and being tidy on the big day.

It's time to enjoy yourself – don't get too caught up and forget to have fun!

The experts say: "Christmas time, mistletoe and wine – don’t worry too much about cleaning, and just have a great time!

"It’s perfectly natural to feel like you want to keep in control as much as possible – and keep the house in some kind of order as you move through the festivities – but don’t get caught up in worrying about stains and the mundane.

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"This time of year is all about relaxing, having fun, and making memories with loved ones.

"Phew, glad we’ve cleared this up – have a fantastic Christmas!"

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