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A CLEANING whizz has shared the three hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

So if you aren’t a fan of cleaning, or don’t have hours of free time to spend on your hands and knees scrubbing, you’ll need to listen up.

Chantel Mila, who is known on social media for her cheap and cheerful cleaning tips, has revealed her “three easy home hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner.”

Posting online, Chantel explained: “These three simple home hacks will make cleaning so much easier.”

If you have rust on your knives, you’ll want to take notes, as Chantel shared the two ingredient answer.

She noted: “Remove rust spots instantly using baking soda and lemon juice.”

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We then saw Chantel rubbing a cut lemon, along with some baking soda, over a rust mark on a knife.

As a result of the bubbling mixture, seconds later, the rust mark had disappeared, leaving the kitchen utensil looking brand new. 

Not only this, but if your shoes are kicking up a nasty smell, you might be surprised to know that baking soda is the answer. 

Chantel advised: “Place baking soda in a coffee filter to absorb unwanted odours.”

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This simple hack works overnight, leaving your once smelly shoes smelling super fresh. 

The third and final hack will come in handy for those with harsh stains on their carpets, and will cost you just £1 with a buy from Boots.

The cleaning whizz continued: “Remove spot stains on carpets using shaving cream.”

In the clip, we saw Chantel use a cloth to rub the shaving foam into the stain.

Before long, the grey carpet was left sparkling, looking as good as new. 

Chantel’s TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @mama_mila_, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed a staggering 676,700 views.

One person said: “I will have to try the rust trick.”

Another added: “Wonder if shaving cream works on sofas?”

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To this, another cleaning enthusiast responded: “Yes it does, I've tried it.”

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