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ILL-fitting garments don't need to be immediately chucked.

There may be hope for that dress that isn't cinched exactly the way you'd like or that denim that's loose in awkward places.

Karim Hachem, VP of eCommerce at swimwear manufacturer La Blanca, keyed us in on how to make your garments look suited to your body without the cost of a tailor.


For shrunken denim or denim that hangs in all the wrong places, Hachem said you should try the piece on after a wash while the item is still damp, and wear it as it dries.

This will form the denim to your body, making it feel tailored to you.

"This is also a helpful trick for cotton pieces that may have shrunk in the dryer," Hachem added.

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If you are looking to take in the waist of a dress without breaking out your sewing machine, this is completely possible.

Try turning the dress inside out, adding safety pins to the side stitching, and using a shoelace or string to thread through the safety pins, creating an inside tie you can use to bring the waist in.

Hachem explained: "This is a great option for making a dress feel more tailored and can be tied tighter or looser, depending on the look."

If you're looking for more clothing hacks, fashion guru Lucy Legret previously revealed her cheap tip to make baggy jeans fit perfectly without sewing.

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Grab a shoelace and make an incision on the left and right sides of your jeans.

Next, get a safety pin to help you feed the shoelace through the band of the jeans until it comes out on the other end.

After putting your jeans on and tying the shoelace, you'll notice that the fabric gathers up and your jeans are snug around the waistline.

Legret also said that if there is a blockage in the middle of your jeans preventing the shoelace from going through, you'll just need to create two more incisions in the area.

When asked if she keeps the shoelaces in when she washes the jeans, Legret responded: "Yes, I have never had to do anything extra after putting the laces in. Just wear/wash as normal."

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