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WHILE many people will serve up a delicious Turkey this Christmas day, if you are someone that likes to cook a festive ham too, you’ve come to the right place.

It turns out that we’ve been cooking our Christmas ham all wrong, as one foodie has shared her quick and easy recipe to make a delicious ham, with two secret ingredients that many of us are probably forgetting to add. 

Sarah, a food whizz known on TikTok as @tamingtwins, regularly shares her delicious recipes on the video sharing platform and has left many very impressed with her slow cooker ham clip. 

Sarah has 282.3k followers and 4.7million likes on the social media app, is a mum to twins and said: ‘I help busy people answer ‘what’s for dinner?’’. 

Sharing her Christmas ham recipe, she said: “A favourite with so many of you every year, here's my very best, SLOW COOKER HAM recipe!

“If you’re planning on cooking a Christmas ham, this is the only way to do it, it’s so tender, flavourful and delicious and it’s cooked in your slow cooker.

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“This is the easiest ever Slow Cooker Gammon recipe! A ham joint cooked in cider, smothered in honey, mustard and brown sugar for a delicious outer crunch. Yum.

“It’s sweet and tangy from being cooked in apple juice and cider. Deliciously tender with that moreish honey and brown sugar outer crust. What’s not to love?! 

“You cook it off with some veggies, some cider – this adds heaps of flavour I promise, it’s really good.

“And then when it’s cooked, you bring it out and you smother it in honey and brown sugar and bake it in the oven.  

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“The recipe is up now on my blog – it’s a favourite here, I hope you love it”.

Sarah posted the full recipe on her blog, so if you want to impress your loved ones this December, this is one to try. 

She said: “Turn on your slow cooker, this recipe can be done either on high or low depending how hungry you are.

“Quarter the onion and thickly chop the carrot. 

“Rub the mixed spice onto the ham.

“Put the onion, carrot and ham joint into your slow cooker.

“Add in your cider, and up to 1ltr of apple juice (the exact quantity depends on the size of your slow cooker – ideally the joint would be covered).

“Place the lid on and cook on HIGH for 4-6 hours or LOW for 6-8 hours. If you can baste, and turn the joint whilst cooking. 

“When the cooking time is complete, take out of the slow cooker and discard the vegetables, liquid and spices.

“Remove the string and layer of fat/skin (if your gammon has them). Score the fat.

“Put into a roasting pan and drench in the honey. Pat the sugar onto the honey. (Make sure you line the baking tin with tin foil as the honey and sugar combo can really stick to the pan!)

“Roast for the remaining 30 minutes at about 200C until the ham is just blackening and crispy at the edges.

“When cold, store in the fridge and enjoy whenever”.

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Sarah’s recipe has clearly left many very impressed, as it was posted just 14 hours ago, but has quickly racked up a whopping 55.2k views.

It has 1,322 likes, 25 comments and 86 shares.

TikTok users loved Sarah’s ham recipe and were quick to express this in the comments. 

One person said: “Looks amazing!”.

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Another added: “Perfect!”. 

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