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A FURNITURE flipper has revealed he is on a mission to pay all of his rent for a month with money he makes from selling old furniture.

The DIY fan revealed many of the items he sells he manages to bag for free from people who want to throw them away.

The art fan said he managed to find a set of 1950’s chairs that ended up being worth hundreds.

Kyle William said on TikTok: “My goal this month is to pay my rent using only money made from flipping furniture.

“Some one in my neighbourhood was giving these chairs away for free so I picked them up immediately and started appraising them.”

After a quick search Kyle figured out the chairs were worth up to £650.

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He said: “The chairs had the original makers Mark and after scanning them through Google photos I discovered these for very rare bentwood chairs from the early 50s.”

The furniture flipper decided to make his own homemade polish to rid the rare 1950’s chairs of their built up blemishes.

He said: “They were in relatively good condition besides some noticeable blemishes in the wood. To fix these I used a homemade mixture people have been using for decades.”

“You mix equal parts all of oil and vinegar and then apply the mixture directly to the wood. It works like magic to remove the imperfections and clean up the wood.”

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“This is honestly just a great tip for anybody who wants to fix up some of their wood furniture that has some scratches or imperfections and give it some new life.”

He explained: “The oil soaks in, swelling the wood fibres and deepening their colour. The vinegar cleans the wood and makes sure the oil doesn’t go rancid.


After applying his polish mixture Kyle said he was hoping to sell the set of chairs for the full £650 but managed to flog them for £500.

He said: “There's no dramatic reveal here but after using that mixture and some furniture polish they're ready to be sold.”

With his rent costing a total of $975 [£800] after selling the chairs, Kyle was left with $375 [£310] left to pay.

The furniture flipper said he was hoping to upscale another item so he could pay his rent in full.

Kyle said: “Because I got these for free I made a profit of 600 dollars. I'm almost to my goal and it's almost the end of the month and let's hope I make it.”

His video went viral with over 1.5 million views and people were stunned to learn he managed to find such a bargain for free.

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