I'm a gardener – the 'square foot' method I wish I knew sooner, it lets you grow more and maximize space | The Sun

A GARDENING guru has shared her method of growing more in less space.

Wearing a stylish gardening getup, she planted the seed for an easy trick her followers could try at home.

"Here's something I wish I knew before I started gardening that would have made the process so much easier," TikToker Sabrina (@sabrina.sustainable.life) said.

As she showed viewers her gardening space of mostly soil, with a few plants sprinkled around, Sabrina explained her square-foot gardening method.

Demonstrating her tools, the TikToker showed followers how she grows her dream garden.

"This is the process where I use twine, a staple gun, and scissors, to section off my raised garden bed into one-foot squares, that will help me grow so much more food in less space," she said.

With her glam flower-patterned gardening gloves, Sabrina got to work and began to plant her seeds.

She explained: "How it works is for each square of the garden bed, you will plant a certain number of seeds, or plants, depending on the space required for each plant.

To help her plant her plants, she shared a technical trick she uses as well: the app called Planter.

She told viewers how to use the app in order to achieve a thriving garden: "You select the size of your garden and the plants you want to add and it will tell you how much space is required for them."

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The gardening fan even showed followers the app screen as it calculated exact space constraint scenarios.

"For example, it will show you that a tomato plant will actually take up four squares, whereas you can plant four lettuces, or 16 carrots, in each square," she said.

The Planter app showed exactly where each fruit and vegetable would fit into an actual garden.

"This app also tells you which plants are companion plants, or combative, which is super helpful," she continued.

Sabrina shared her own planting preferences, which included planting half in the square now, and the other half later.

She also explained her reasoning for this: "So that everything doesn't mature at once, and you can have a continual harvest."

With Sabrina's space-maximizing method, garden enthusiasts will be able to grow more than traditional row gardens.

"You are planting crops closer together, which maximizes space, and yields," said Sabrina.

Her over 228,000 followers were enthused to hear these tips from the planting pro.

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"I'm trying this method this year," said one exuberant follower.

"Yay! I think you will enjoy it!" replied Sabrina.

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