I'm a gym girl – I had a very unexpected wardrobe malfunction with the clips on my sports bra, and caught it on camera | The Sun

ONE gym girl has exposed the moment her exercise attire stopped supporting her.

A wardrobe malfunction almost forced her to show off more than her weightlifting abilities.

Thankfully, Moriah (@mkcfit) decided against doing an extra set and was in the locker room when her bra popped off.

The fitness enthusiast propped her phone up to film in front of her.

But she had no idea she'd catch the moment her bra gave in.

Moriah backed up, fiddling with the strings on her workout pants.

Her hair was up in a ponytail, resting on one shoulder.

She turned her body to move the hair back, and everything came undone.

Moriah donned a light blue scoop-neck sports bra.

But suddenly, the whole thing unsnapped and fell from around her neck.

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Luckily, Moriah was quick enough to catch it before her bare chest was exposed.

"Was not expecting that," she said.

Moriah was pleased she didn't give anyone a show while standing in the middle of the gym.

At least the locker room lights were dimmed, and no one was around her.

Viewers assured her she handled the unforeseen situation well.

"Good catch, though," an impressed individual commented.

"Built ma! You're looking amazing," a sweet follower remarked.

One curious TikTok user asked: "Where did you get the sports bra?"

Moriah responded: "Shein! But I altered it, hence the malfunction."

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