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WE ALL LOVE finding a bargain when doing the weekly food shop.

But one money-saving whizz has revealed the exact times to head down to your local supermarket it if you want to secure yellow sticker items.

Posting to her TikTok account, madflamingomoney, the woman revealed exactly when supermarkets start yellow stickering items.

First up, are meal deals and the money-saving whizz revealed they're usually marked down at around 1-3pm in most shops.

The UK-based mum then revealed when each supermarket begins lowering their prices so you can bag a bargain.

She said: "Morrisons, at about 3pm reduce everything by 50% and then at 5pm reduce everything by a further 75%."


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Next up was Asda, where the money-saving whizz revealed they start adding yellow stickers at around 7pm.

Tesco doesn't have a state time to start reducing food prices, but she revealed yellow sticker items can start appearing in stores as early as 8am.

She added that Waitrose often starts yellow stickering items around two hours before the store is due to close.

If you tend to shop at Sainsbury's then the best time to get down to the store for bargain prices is at 7pm.

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"You may not have known but M&S do yellow stickers as well and theirs are very sporadic throughout the day," she added.

Viewers of the video were grateful the money-whizz shared the information, and others shared when other stores start bringing out the yellow stickers.

One wrote: "Ooh this is helpful! This explains why I never find anything in Asda, I only ever go daytime. My local Nisa shop is the best for yellow stickers."

Another person commented: "This is MAGIC!!!"

A third penned: "Co-op 4 hours before the shop shuts 6 if shuts at 10 and 7 if they shut at 11."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Tesco's 1st reduction 9am. 2nd 2pm, final 7pm."

"M&S is done at night time now so best getting them in the morning," revealed a fifth.

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