I’m a mum-of-12 at 37 – I never use contraception & swore I’d have 16 kids, but after the last one I’m done

THE TIKTOK-FAMOUS mum, Veronica Merritt, swore she she'd have 16 kids – but now after delivering the last one, she's revealed she's done.

Also known as ThisMadMama on TikTok, Veronica Merritt had always wanted to be a mum to 16 children – however, after her last pregnancy, she claimed she's given herself the ''permission'' to be finally done.

Speaking to the Insider, the controversial 37-year-old, from New York, said that despite having a dream of a huge family, she has now changed her mind.

"The pressure is gone," she said.

"I've given myself permission to stop."

Veronica, who first gave birth at 14, welcomed her last child, Modi, earlier this month, on April 17.

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The US mum-of-12 described the newborn, whose name she claimed meant "god of battle wrath" in Norse mythology, as "absolutely beautiful."

"Just looking at him makes me feel calm and at peace,'' she added.

The single mum is convinced her desire for a large family was a "compulsion''.

Although this hasn't yet been formally diagnosed by specialists in the industry, Veronica said she's certain it definitely has to do with her"preoccupation" with numbers, sequences, patterns, and colours.

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"Now that Modi's here, I have six boys and six girls," said Veronica.

The TikTok-famous star was still in in high school when she had her first child, Victoria, now 22.

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Then came Andrew, 17; Adam, 15; Mara, 14; Dash, 12; Darla, 11; Marvelous, 9; Martalya, 7; Amelia, 5; Delilah, 3; Donovan, 2; and 11-day-old Modi.

The mum's obsession with colours is also evident in the family's wardrobe, as Veronica is a fan of colour-coding her children by dressing them in various shades.

For instance, she revealed, the 15-year-old Adam is green, Darla goes for purple and Dash picks a vibrant orange.

The smallest Merritt, Modi, has also already been assigned a colour – his blankets and adorable onesies are all yellow.

I admire all the things I have done and take in the beauty.''

"The colors reflect their individual personalities," Merritt explained.

"But they also keep me grounded and organized."

Although the mum has now vowed to give herself a break, it won't be long until her kids can obsess over another baby, as Veronica's eldest daughter, Victoria, is due with her first child in June.

"I can hardly wait," the mum-of-12 said about becoming a grandmother.

In the meantime, whilst waiting for the wonderful addition to the large family, the 37-year-old she said she was proud of the dozen children she'd brought into the world.

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"When I look at my family together, it's like taking a step back from a garden that I've worked very hard on.

"I admire all the things I have done and take in the beauty."

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