I’m a savvy shopper – people are just realising the secret supermarkets keep about buying fresh herbs & we’re stunned | The Sun

When it comes to plants most of us assume we either have the green thumb or we don’t.

Most of us start with easier plants to maintain like house plants then work our way up to more complex gardening. 

There’s a lot to consider when looking after a plant from sunlight, to water drainage, soil and fertilizer, so it’s no surprise when things go wrong and plants don't survive.

But it looks like supermarkets might be setting you up to fail. 

Morgan Celeste is a pet and plan fanatic with over 130,000 followers online. 

In a recent video she shared a supermarket secret which left viewers stunned.

Morgan shed some light on the shelf life of supermarket plant and herb pots.

She said: “If you have ever bought a plant like this from the grocery store, I need you to know you didn't kill it.”

Morgan holds a basil plant from the supermarket.

Turns out the pots we buy herb plants in are not made to sustain the life of the plant.

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Morgan said: “This little pot is not big enough to sustain one basil plant let alone 18, I counted 18 in this.”

Morgan says with a small pot, the herb isn’t likely to last more than a few days.

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She said: “They’re gonna smother each other in like a day or two, no matter how much light or sun or love you give it.”

Morgan said: “It’s not that you don’t have a green thumb, these are made to die after that height."

Morgan’s video gained over 220,000 views. 

One commenter said: “Thank you for telling us this I was starting to take it personally.”

Another commenter said: “Ohhh that’s why!!! I bought so may this year thinking I was a failure!!!”

Many commenters said they had clocked this and we’re already replanting the supermarket herbs and plants.

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One commenter said: "It took me so long to find out I had to repot most potted plants you get from stores."

Another commenter said: "I got one of those cause it was cheaper then getting the fresh pre-cut and repotted it and got three years out of it. It might become four this spring."

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