I'm a single mom and live in a tent with my kids, sometimes it feels like madness, we use human waste to feed our garden | The Sun

A TENT dweller has shared an insight into her hectic life, including the installation of her new compost toilet.

The mother-of-two explained that she was planning to use human waste to nourish her garden.

In her video, Lucy Aura (@lucyaura8) explained: "My whole thing is about letting it go, surrendering, trusting the divine process."

However, this laid-back mentality was challenged when the TikToker discovered a clash in her schedule.

She revealed that her unique home was going to be filmed for My Extraordinary Family on the following day.

"I was like ‘Cool, today I’ll just get organized and make my space look really nice,'" Lucy told her followers.

When she returned home from the playground, however, she discovered her compost toilet had arrived.

Her friend had already begun the process of installing the outdoor shed in her garden.

Lucy explained: "I was held up at the playground and I couldn’t get back to say ‘No, don’t do it today' so I got back and there’s a big hole dug.

"Today is the only day that we can build it."

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She spoke affirmations "that this will be completed and I’ll be able to show them a really cool compost toilet."

Lucy also detailed the process of how the compost toilet would work once it was installed.

She explained: "It’s actually going to be a proper shed with a compost toilet that stores the feces and the urine runs off into the bush.

"You store the feces to actually use on your gardens, so you store it for a year."

Lucy, who has previously discussed urine therapy as a means of treating bacterial infections, joked about her new image.

"I seem to be all about using and re-using human waste at the moment so that’s really interesting," she said.

Once again embracing her hectic lifestyle, Lucy added: "I guess I don’t have much control over how it plays out, it’s just a divine story that has to play out through me."

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