I'm a skincare whizz – four budget high-street beauty buys I rate – including a £12.99 retinol with a high tech formula | The Sun

HANDS up if you're guilty of spending a small fortune on the latest luxurious skincare products.

Well, according to beauty whizz Liz Earle, there's no need to splash the cash when it comes to skincare, as there are some great budget buys on the market that she believes are just as good.

And the best part of all? Prices start from just £7.

In the clip posted to TikTok (@lizearlewellbeing), she explains how she popped into her local chemist to show off four high-street budget beauty buys that she totally rates.

She begins by praising CeraVe as a "great brand."

"I don't know if you've come across them, but they've got some really good basic skincare," she says.


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"My teenagers use this as well.

"I've got this in the shower at the moment – CeraVe, the hydrating cleanser.

"It's kind of a creamy one and it's just nice to use on your skin, your face and your neck while you're in the shower."


She points out that it's £11.50 and is a "pretty good size."

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Liz then goes on to hold up the brand's repairative hand cream.

"So this is a small tube, but a little bit goes a long way," she explains.

"And this will cost you just £7 – that's a good one!"

Moving on, the beauty guru says the 'INKEY list' is another "really good budget brand."

"You might have heard about it," she says.

"Really inexpensive, quite high tech in their formulation.

"So if you're looking for a retinol, retinol tends to be quite expensive.

"But they've got one here – this is the retinol serum – and it's probably the least expensive retinol that you'll find on the market.

"This one is £12.99 and it is quite concentrated."

She warns if you've not used retinol before, then be careful and only use it at night and maybe every other day.

"Just use a pea sized amount and take it gently, build it up slowly," she continues.

"And if you find that your skin gets really dry and flaky, what I would do is pop a little bit of moisturiser on afterwards so your skin doesn't get too dry."

Liz adds that it's "really good" and advises that if you've already got one for your face, it could be a good budget buy to use on the back of your hands without costing too much.

And last but not least, the beauty pro notes that she's also a fan of American brand, Aveeno – in particular, the 'daily moisturising body lotion.'

She explains: "It's very good for sensitive skin, dry skin and eczema prone skin.

"It's based on oat protein, so this is a really good daily body moisturising lotion.

"This one is £10 for quite a big bottle and it's on three for two."

The post has since gone viral, racking up over 44k views and several comments from beauty fans up and down the country.

"Cerave hand cream is the second best hand cream I've ever used… (Aesop gets top spot, but Cerave is a fraction of the price!)" wrote one.

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A second penned: "Use them all. Inky list oatmeal cleanser is gently and gorgeous to use."

A third noted: "I love the Inkey list retinol!"

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