I’m a teacher and had twins with the most ridiculous names – some say they're so bad it sets their teeth on edge | The Sun

IDENTICAL twins already already have basically everything in common.

But one mum decided to take things to the next level when she gave her twin daughter's almost identical names as well.

Apparently looking exactly the same wasn't quite enough, so she wanted matching names for her kids as well, leaving some people totally confused.

The girls' teacher ranted about their names on Reddit and fellow users were equally as baffled.

According the the teacher, the twins are called 'Selene' and 'Selina'.

She asked: "Anyone else ever come across an equally ridiculous sib set?"


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The teacher, unsurprisingly, thought the names were 'ridiculous' and couldn't understand why the mum would give such similar names to identical twins.

But it turns out the matching names were more common than she thought, as other Reddit users chimed in to share other strange sibling name combonations.

"My husband went to school with twins named Chris and Christopher," one person wrote.

A second said: "I went to school with identical twins named Kelly and Kellen.

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"They always dressed in very similar clothes and even wore the same kind of eyeglasses.

"We were in high school so it was kinda creepy and weird how they didn't express any kind of individuality."

"As a twin mum, names like these make my teeth itch", someone else confessed.

And one user sympathised with the twins: "I can imagine their paperwork nightmare, I know Valentina and Valentia with very similar middle names.

"They literally had to fix almost all their docs, because of typos or middle name mixed ups."

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