I’m a teen millionaire after creating bath bombs with my sister aged 10 – our business makes £15 million every YEAR

MOST 10-year-olds don't have more than a few quid of pocket money to play with.

But Isabel and Caroline Bercaw, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, were already cashing in on their business brains at that age.

The sisters, who were 10 and 11 when they started creating their own bath bombs in 2012, went onto become teen millionaires, with their business making £15 million a year ($20m) since 2018.

Previously competitive figure skaters, the girls would take a lot of baths to ease their tired muscles, but the products they used stained the bath, so they decided to make their own.

They opted for a natural blend, which involved fewer products and was gentler on Isabel's skin, as she has eczema.

They simply mixed baking soda, citric acid and fragrance oils – calling the company Da Bomb Bath Fizzers. Their signature products also have a surprise, which won't dissolve, in the middle.

Today, the company employs more than 200 people. Caroline, 20, and Isabel, 21, were even named on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list in 2019, then both still pupils at high school.

It's a real family business – their mum Kim is CEO and dad Ben is the COO/CFO.

The company started with an £110 ($150) investment from their parents, for a table at a craft fair. The sisters sold out within a day.

“That was the first time they really ever thought this could be more than a hobby. This could be an actual business,” mum Kim tells Inside Edition.

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When his wife and kids were making 20,000 bath bombs every month from the family basement, Ben left his job in management consultancy to come on board in 2015.

Kim, meanwhile, was previously a full-time mum and younger brother Harry, 14, also gets involved.

By January 2016, the company had done a deal with US retailer Target – to stock Da Bomb products in all 1,600 stores.

“That was a huge deal for us,” Caroline tells Forbes. “We were still in our basement at that time.”

Now they have a professional warehouse and office outside the family home – where they produce one million bath bombs a month.

Two book deals, and partnerships with Disney and Mattel, followed.

The sisters are just 16 months apart in age and say they're more like twins.

Caroline tells Inside Edition: “Sisters fight. It's no different with us, but I think we've gotten a lot better as we've grown older and that's just something we've had to learn with the business too.

"We need to be professional and we can't think like siblings."

Caroline says "finding a balance" between school, friendships and business was "one of the most difficult things" growing up.

Isabel adds: "We call those times ‘the dark ages’ – when our business wasn't big enough for people to understand, but we still had to give 150% of our effort to it.

"That's really when we learned how to work hard."

Even now, they say the numbers don't paint the true picture and running a business is hard work.

“I'm a (multi) millionaire? No,” says Isabel. “We have expenses to pay. We offer 401K benefits and health insurance to our employees, which I'm really proud of.”

Now Da Bomb want to expand internationally with the products – which are already available in Bermuda and Canada.

Another mum recently said her 10-year-old can retire at 15 – as she’s already launched her own business and made £105k in a MONTH.

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