I’m an Air Fryer pro and there are five mistakes to avoid with yours – including not overcrowding the basket | The Sun

THEY'RE undoubtedly going to be under a fair few Christmas trees this year.

And if you're the lucky new owner of an Air Fryer, you're probably looking for some advice on just how to use them – what to cook and what not to do with yours.

So Roxie's video will be invaluable, as the Air Fryer whizz took to TikTok to share five mistakes that can easily be avoided when it comes to using the devices.

Firstly, despite lots of people insisting the contrary, Roxie said you must always preheat your Air Fryer.

Her second tip is to use oil and/or butter to keep some moisture in your food – the suggestion that caused perhaps the most controversy in the comments section.

Roxie also said it's important to use water when you fry fatty foods.

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And in terms of the size of the air fryer you have, it's a good idea not to overcrowd the basket of yours.

If you're considering buying one in the January sales, you should also think carefully about the size you need, as Roxie concluded her list with "picking an Air Fryer that's too small".

Not everyone was convinced by Roxie's video though, with one person writing in the comments: "The whole meaning of an Air Fryer is not to have to use oil for healthier cooking."

But Roxie insisted: "Yes you don't have to but using an olive oil cooking spray causes your food not to stick to the basket.

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"It makes things more crispy too."

"When do you need to put water in it?" someone else asked.

With Roxie replying: "When the food is oily! Water reduces the smoke."

"In the instructions said that the machine increases the heat immediately," another person questioned.

"Why pre-heat?"

"It just works better for me!" Roxie responded.

"Maybe your machine is different? Happy air frying!"

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