I'm an interior designer – items I won't put in clients' homes, there's a 'heartbreaking' bathroom trend people love | The Sun

AN interior designer has tried to shake up tried and tested household features which she thinks are well past their sell-by date.

She feels so strongly about some of these that she has said she will no longer put them in client's homes.

There was one bathroom trend in particular that people loved but drove her crazy. She called it "heartbreaking."

Shalmai (@shalmaikeim) was emphatic in her approach: “Items or things I will no longer be installing in client’s homes."

She has 19,000 followers on her TikTok, where she promises to "elevate spaces with creativity and classic charm."

But in her post, she thought the first on her list might ruffle a few feathers.

“I’m going to start with the more controversial one, the carpet," she said.

“I’m not a huge fan of carpets, I feel like [they] hold onto a lot of dust."

Next up was the choice of color palettes in homes, in particular gray on gray. It's dated, get rid of it she said.

“This was something that was really cool five or ten years ago.

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“I feel [it] tends to look very dark and gloomy. It’s so monotone and it’s just not very exciting for me.

"I would much rather have a more brighter wall, brighter colors, and not so matchy-matchy."

Then she moved on to the bathroom and the tiled shower in muted colors, with a feature tile halfway up the wall.

It was clear she was no fan of this trend.

“To me, it is just so heartbreaking because there are so many options out there for a really fun tile or brighter and not so beige.

“People love doing this little decoration accent thing and I just don’t get it.

"Have fun with tiles please," she pleaded in a sign-off to her post.

Commenters agreed with some of her thoughts but not all of them.

“Hate carpets. Nothing better than just clean wooden floors,” was the opinion of this person.

Several said the shower tile trend was dictated by cost.


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“Tile is too expensive to be trendy and full of color. I think neutral is more long-lasting."

Another said: “I don’t think people love those tiles, they feel pressured by expense to make it timeless.”

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