I’m in the ‘itty bitty committee’- I wished I had bigger boobs, but Kendall Jenner helped me feel better about my figure | The Sun

ONE small-boobed woman has looked to a group of A-lister women with a similar chest size for support.

She doesn't mind being a woman in the "itty bitty committee" because Kendall Jenner is a part of it too.

Having a small chest hasn't concerned Sarah Jane Boas (@sarahjaneb00) for a while.

She posted a video to showcase the women who have inspired her body confidence: a group of celebrities in the "itty bitty committee."

Sarah displayed a picture of herself in a lacy black bra and matching bodycon skirt.

Before seeing the stars embrace their boob size, Sarah had one thought: "I wish I had bigger boobs."

But her celebrity idols don't seem to feel the same way. "We don't," a new caption read next to a photo of Alexa Demie.

The Euphoria actress was featured in her iconic I Am Gia purple set.

A picture of Kendall Jenner strutting down Victoria's Secret runway popped up.

Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, Dua Lipa, Shakira, and Zendaya were in the following pictures.

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One apprehensive woman admitted she didn't feel as inspired by these women as Sarah seemed to be.

"Because they have pretty faces too. I don't got that," she commented.

Sarah kindly replied: "Yes, you do, hun. You're stunning."

"But… they aren't flat. At least not compared to me," another critical woman wrote.

"I honestly wish I had smaller boobs because people keep on pointing it out, and it makes me uncomfortable," a follower admitted.

A positive fan added: "Small ones are the best!"

"Actually, they're hot," a forward man remarked.

"You are beautiful the way you are. If anyone can't see that, they are blind," a viewer noted.

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