I'm midsize and got dress-coded at work – they said my pants were 'too tight' but I had the best response | The Sun

A MIDSIZE woman backed her manager into a corner after she got in trouble.

Creator Meghan (@midsizemeghan) was dress-coded for wearing form-fitting pants, and she left her boss speechless with her response.

Meghan posted a video to explain the situation and expose the "inappropriate" bottoms.

The size 14/15 TikToker faced the camera in the bathroom.

"Work told me my pants were too tight," Meghan admitted.

She was wearing a high-neck tank top and gray slacks.

The pants hugged her thighs, yet they weren't too revealing.

Meghan said: "I asked them if they would like me to take them off right now."

But the clever employee didn't get a response.

"The conversation ended," Meghan explained.

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Despite the power she held at the end of the conversation, Meghan didn't perceive the situation as positive.

"Us girls never win, especially if you're curvy," she said.

"Nothing of this outfit is out of dress code per my company's handbook. Maybe management should stop staring so hard."

Meghan frequently posts "get ready with me" videos on her page.

The fashion fan generates style inspiration for curvy women.

And she's been known to side-step her office dress code.

In one video, Meghan got dressed for work and put on sneakers.

"Technically, I'm not supposed to wear white sneakers to work, but I have never gotten spoken to yet," she admitted.

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