It's No Accident That Elle Fanning Looks Exactly Like Catherine the Great in This Dress

Elle Fanning Wearing Bora Aksu Fall 2021

Elle Fanning, who works with stylist Samantha McMillen on her whimsical wardrobe, is doing press for season two of Hulu’s The Great. McMillen and Fanning have been sharing the looks they’ve put together in the lead-up to the Golden Globes, and the most recent ensemble left us breathless. There’s a strong connection to Elle’s The Great character here. Not only does this corn-yellow taffeta dress bear resemblance to Catherine the Great’s regal looks, it’s also straight off Turkish designer Bora Aksu’s London Fashion Week runway, which took direct influence from the French Revolution and pioneering philosopher Sophie Germain, (this is roughly the same time period as Elle’s series, for which she portrays a strong female lead).

Bora Aksu’s presentation was pre-recorded at Tate Britain’s Neoclassical central hall, and revealed with all its romantic details just days later. But clearly, McMillen got a first look at the assortment. Obviously she knew plucking this dress from the range was a no-brainer. Even if you don’t watch The Great, the details of this design — from the frilly hemlines to the intricate embellishments and pretty pastel color scheme — would have been attractive to Catherine, whose costumes came with plenty of ribbons and bows. Though this more free-flowing, unstructured dress did not call for a corset, it’s only natural for Elle to choose something comfortable for her celebratory Zoom calls. Scroll down to see Elle prance around the room in Bora Aksu, then check out the catwalk debut and similar fashion moments from The Great.

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